Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blondie - 0, Yeast - 1

So last Wednesday, with Brownie away in the tropical sun, I decided to do some experimenting with yeast. As in making bread. I've been wanting to make bread for some time now. The bread aisle always smells so delicious and I hear that bread can make one's home smell heavenly. So I went out and bought flours and yeast and honey and set to it.
I used this recipe here. Mind you it was cold and raining. Mind you this was my first time ever working with yeast. I went through the first rise ok. It looked ok. I froze the two extra batches of dough. Then the second rise was to happen. Three hours later, it hadn't risen to the top of the pan. "I guess it's cold and it won't rise. I'll just put it in the oven and see what happens." 45 minutes later, my apartment smelled wonderful. I cut my first slice. It's nice and warm. I chew. I ponder. I realize what I'm eating sort of tastes like sourdough. Honey wheat? Not even close. I eat with jam, hoping this loaf can be of some use. It's not. I throw out 3/4 of a loaf. Wonder what's going to happen with the two frozen loaves?! More TK.

At the same time (did I mention it was cold and raining aka I'm not going outside unless necessary), I decided to try my hand at this. I even made the templates smaller so that I could make small cookies. I made the dough (which tasted absolutely delicious), cut out the shapes, stuggled with lettering, pop a batch in the oven, take them out, and ugh. The cookies were dry and had NO taste. AT ALL. How can dough go from tasting delicious unbaked to icky baked? I'm now just eating the leftover dough as a desserty treat. I should throw it out, but it's just so citrusy-orangy delicious. UGH! Wednesday was a bad day!