Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blondie's St. Patty's Day Roundup

Sorry for taking so long, three rejections in 24 hours makes me eat leftover pieces of cake while watching General Hospital. But here I am to review Ladybird, and Dorie Greenspan's Linzer Cookies. I'm going to leave you waiting for that carrot cake and the story on those 3 Musketeers.

Like Brownie, I had heard and longed for a visit to Ladybird Bakery. Unlike Brownie, I never actually passed by and saw the deliciousness that lay within, you know, being from Queens and all. I have no idea why it took her so long. Here's my Ladybird run-down:

The clear winner was the vanilla cake.

It wasn't too sweet, and I thought the frosting was great, not greasy. I like whipped cream frosting better than buttercream. There was also a vanilla pastry cream filling inside that was very well executed. I'm going back to buy one of these. For myself. Yes, I roll like that.

In second place is Mr. Brooklyn Blackout. It was chocolate to the max. This would probably be great if it had a side of rich vanilla ice cream. And maybe some hot fudge. Mmmm. Next time I'm in one of my "chocolate, just give me chocolate" moods, I will think of this, ponder a trip to Park Slope, and depending on time of day and my waist size, follow through or not. Or maybe it'll go head-to-head with Two Little Red Hens' Blackout.

Next up was the chocolate sprinkle. At the end of the day, I like simple vanilla/chocolate pairings. I found the cake a little dry, but I would get it again. The frosting was very creamy and I liked it.

Latte Cupcake: Looked soo delicious. And then you opened it up to find a coffee ganache-esque filling. The coffee flavor was too overpowering for me, evidenced by my lack of even taking the chocolate in it. The yellow cake was moist, but I don't remember tasting the frosting. Keep in mind that I had this after the Blackout so my taste buds were a little off.

The marble cupcake's taste was very subtle. It wasn't overwhelming chocolate or vanilla. It was almost like a marble pound cake. My taste buds didn't know where to turn or what to taste. And no one likes confused taste buds. I did find this frosting a little on the greasy side.

Now, I only had an itty-bitty taste of the Emerald Velvet. Of what I tasted, I liked it. It was moist. Personally, I'm not the biggest velvet cake fan. Yes, I've had what's considered good, but any cake that NEEDS a strong frosting in order to taste good just doesn't seem worth it. Maybe when I buy my own personal little cake, I'll buy a velvet cupcake and re-review.

NOW, for the COOKIES!!! Dorie, if you're out there, these cookies were TIME-CONSUMING. Probs 5 hours of work, between grinding hazelnuts, and cutting cookies, and dipping chocolate. All in all, 7 batches went into the oven. In her recipe on Serious Eats, Dorie calls for a 375 oven and 11-13 minutes, but with my oven, it was more like 350 for 9 (notice the crispy edges on some). When I tasted the first batch, I thought "Either I've done something wrong or I've done something wrong. These are a bit dry." Then you dip them in chocolate and everything changes. They become wonderful vessels of chocolate-hazelnut goodness. Mmm, I think I need to experiment with using these and Nutella for a cookie sandwich. I would def. use this recipe when making a raspberry linzer cookie sandwich.

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