Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cucina & Co. Black and White Cupcakes revisited

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the cupcake offerings from Cucina & Co in Rock Center. Though I was generally down on the flavor as most of the cupcakes I sampled were overly dry, jumbo sized cupcakes for $1.25 in midtown at Happy Hour--aka end of day sugar low desperation time--is a darn good deal. Then I tried the vanilla black & white cupcake...

It started with a tip from fellow
Midtown Luncher and blogger, Chocolate/Olives, who posted in response to my initial review that "The vanilla cupcakes at Cucina tend to be moister than the chocolate ones. The vanilla black&white is pretty decent. None of them are terrific--I think there's a little bit of help from Betty Crocker in their kitchen." Ever since then, I had been on the look out to try one of these vanilla black & whites and an opportunity presented itself on Friday afternoon when I discovered a lonely cupcake leftover from another department's birthday celebration on the counter at my office that is reserved for free food offerings. Mmmmm...I'll admit it feels a little pathetic to write this, but you know you have that counter in your office and you know there have been times when the abundance of sweet treats have called your name and you heeded that call. Besides the only thing better than a $1.25 jumbo cupcake is a free one.

So, armed with a plastic Dixie knife, I cut the vanilla cupcake open and to my delight discovered that it was indeed much moister than the previous Cucina cupcakes that I had sampled. Yes, I'll agree with Chocolate/Olives that the moist cake was reminiscent of something Ms. Crocker or perhaps Mr. Hines might have whipped up, but that's not necessary such a bad thing, it's better than a super dry cupcake and did I mentioned that this cupcake was free? You can forgive a lot in a free cupcake.

The icing this time was more flavorful. The chocolate was chocolate-y-er and the vanilla had a richer flavor. And the vanilla cake, while it was probably from a pre-fab mix, was light and fluffy and made the cupcake a much more similar approximation to a true black and white than the chocolate black and white cupcake. And as my husband, Lawman, points out, at $1.25 (or free, if you can manage) the vanilla black and white cupcake is cheaper than your average NYC black & white cookie.

Cucina & Co.
30 Rockefeller Center
Concourse Level
New York, NY 10020
212 332-7630

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