Friday, March 28, 2008

King Yum-olicious

(This post is dedicated to Lawman-in-law. The following is what you are missing.)

For Lent, my brother's girlfriend, Energizer, and her bestest, Cannoli, gave up Chinese food. A date was made for Easter Monday, at King Yum, a classic Chinese-Tiki restaurant in the boro of Queens, for them to indulge in Chinese delicious-ness. I, being unemployed and always down for King Yum, tagged along and documented.

Every meal there is accompanied by fried wontons, with the complementary duck sauce and mustard sauce. Cannoli, being brave, was the only one to try the mustard sauce and said was quite disappointing. "Blech" I believe was her comment.

My brother and I were the only ones to go tiki. I have tried to no avail to acquire the boco loco, the drink that involves a coconut shell, but yet again they were out of coconuts! I'm calling ahead for my birthday dinner! This was a Hawaii Delight. Mmm, rum. Argh! (Rum makes my brother and I speak like pirates.)

This is the only wonton soup I will eat. It's delicious. Do you see the chunks of meat in there? This is on 'small' and you can still see the chunks of meat. That's how big they are!

Now the egg rolls, MY GOD those egg rolls. I LOVE THEM!!! One is a meal. They're HUGE. This is how egg rolls are supposed to be made. Crispy on the outside and filled with veggies, shrimp, and roast pork. o, m, gee-zie in the hee-zie.

Energizer and Cannoli decided to split a round of pan-fried dumplings. On the outside, they looked delicious, fried to crispy goodness. Much to their dismay, the meat in the middle was "mushy" and unappetizing. Double "blech".

Going 'round the table, my brother ordered the above Hunan Beef, which he said was spicy, and evidently good as he ate all of it; Energizer ordered Sesame Chicken, but they gave her General Tso's chicken. She said it was good, but she didn't eat much because of overloading on fried wontons. Cannoli ordered the Shrimp in Lobster Sauce combo (w/ egg roll and fried rice). Another winner. I decided on the Chicken and Broccoli in garlic sauce. It was perfect. The broccoli had a little crisp still left in it (I'm not a fan of mushy broccoli) and the garlic wasn't too overpowering.

There was no dessert this time since the girls were full and we had a lamb cake waiting for us at home. But if any of you want a fun, kitshy Chinese-Tiki experience (and don't mind the grease - a few hours later, I nearly passed out watching "Coming to America", one of the funniest movies ever) then I definitely recommend the trip out here (or down the block from your school, ahem, Lawman-in-law.)

King Yum Chinese Restaurant
181-08 Union Tpke, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366
(718) 380-1918
Take the E/F to Kew Gardens/Union Tpke and jump on the Q46

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