Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Shamrock Shake at last!

I first heard about Shamrock Shakes from my Texan roommate in college. St. Patty's Day rolled around and she suggested we hunt for one. Artificial mint flavoring? Green food coloring? Ice milky-like substance. I was so in.

Alas, we came up empty handed. After much hunting around the Shamrock Shakes. And every year since I've searched and hoped. Watched and waited. And still nothing. After taking it to the internets, I discovered that The New York Daily News uncovered the vast NYC Shamrock Shake conspiracy last year. Apparently the New York regional franchisees voted to not carry the shake. Sigh. St. Patty's day came and went and no Shamrock shakes. Yet another year without sampling the sweet minty nectar.

Last week I traveled Utah on business. During my layover in Atlanta on 3/19 I hit up the airport Mickey D's and just in case they might have had some leftover mint goo, I tried to order a Shamrock Shake. "Sorry m'am, we don't have Shamrock Shakes." Double sigh.

I had all but given up the quest for 2008, when I heard word of a sighting in Utah! After finishing up work on Saturday I met up with my husband, Lawman. He had spent the day relaxing and hanging out at the hotel and knowing of my longstanding desire for a Shamrock Shake, he went on a reconnaissance mission. Success! As of 3/22, they still had Shamrock Shakes at one of the McDonald's in Orem, UT. Lawman reports that they were minty with a hint of chocolate (from what I've read it sounds like it might have actually been a "McGrasshopper" and not a true Shamrock Shake) and pretty darn tasty.

We didn't have time to go back to the Orem McDonald's to pick one up for me, but later that night on our way to the airport Hampton Inn hotel we were able to stop at a McDonald's in downtown Salt Lake City and I finally got to try my first Shamrock Shake. After years of hearing tell of the wonders of the Shamrock Shake and building up its deliciousness in my mind, it would have been hard for any beverage to live up to my colossal expectations. The Shamrock Shake I had didn't have any chocolate. Lawman took a sip and said that my Salt Lake City Shamrock Shake was much sweeter than the one from Orem. The mint flavoring was a bit too mild and toothpaste-y for my liking. And as a New Englander, I'm always disappointed when shakes aren't double or triple thick (frappe anyone?). It was fun to finally try the Shamrock Shake, but for sheer shake bliss I think I'll stick with the Mint Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Sadly the closest DQ is in Jersey City. Triple Sigh.

For more Shamrock Shake pics check out our flickr.

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