Monday, March 24, 2008

Shhhhhhh! Brownie's Fav Underground Midtown Lunch Spot Revealed

While Blondie was enjoying her Easter basket and baking up an Easter Lamb Cake, I was off in Utah traveling on business--more on the Utah food discoveries later this week.

After a busy morning catching up in the office, I was totally in the mood for some good, cheap Italian comfort food by lunchtime. Unfortunately midtown Manhattan isn't exactly known for inexpensive--let alone good--Italian food. But sometimes tasty, cheap eats can be found where you least expect them.

I first discovered Pepe Rosso to Go in the Village as a broke college student and I was excited to learn that they opened an outpost in the Grand Central Terminal Concourse. With most of the pasta dishes under $8.00, it's a very good deal for freshly prepared pasta in midtown.

Usually I order the Penne with Basil and Tomato Sauce, but today I mixed it up and went for the Fusilli with Seasonal Vegetables. My meal was $6.95 plus tax and that included a side of Italian bread. The pasta was good and al dente and the sauce: tangy and filled with fresh veggies. My only small complaint would be that the veggies watered down the sauce a bit, otherwise, a solid lunch pick.

Next time I'm definitely going to check out their Lunch Special, $8.95 for soup or an organic greens salad and a choice of: a proscuitto, mozzarella, arugula panini, a grilled vegetable and mozzarella panini, penne with tomato basil and mozzarella, or fusilli with chopped tomato and arugula.

Check out our flickr for more Pepe Rosso pics.

Tomorrow, a taste of Utah...

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