Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chow Chow Cupcakes on Martha!

Yesterday I got the most exciting news! My cupcake that I entered in the Martha Stewart Show's Cutest Cupcake Contest was one of the grand prize winners! And Martha referred to my Paw Paw Cupcake on her show. Eeeeee!

More Martha cupcake goodness after the

Thanks so much to Cupcakes Take the Cake for always keeping their readers up to date on the latest in the cupcake world. I first read about the contest on their awesome site. And thanks to CCTTC flickr member, Queen of the Cupcakes for letting me know that my cupcake appeared on Martha!

For those of you who are interested here's the show. My cupcake is shown when they announce all the winners in the first segment.

I'm a HUGE Martha fan, so I'm super excited. And I saw that pool of the 2,000 plus entries. There were some truly, truly amazing cupcakes, I'm honored and humbled that Martha picked my little Chow.


Michelle said...

Yay! Congratulations!! Of course Martha loved your cupcake! Your chow was totally the best! Did he taste as yummy as he looked??

Brownie said...

I couldn't bare to eat him, but I did eat the others in his batch--spice cake with a buttercream frosting--and they were delish. So I imagine he would have been tasty. :)