Monday, April 14, 2008

Ghenet Brooklyn, at last!

When I first heard on Eater that my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the city, Ghenet, was opening a Park Slope outpost, I was totally psyched. I have been longing for some good Ethiopian in Brooklyn. And now, the first taste after the

For the past week there have been rumors that Ghenet was about to open. So on Sunday night I checked out the thread on Chowhound and learned while they weren't officially open yet, they were serving drinks and appetizers as a soft opening in advance of their full opening which is on track for this Tuesday, April 15th (great way to celebrate tax day!).

Lawman and I moseyed over to 4th ave and Douglass street around 8:00ish last night (for you non-Park Slopers, Douglass street becomes St. John's at 5th Ave). The door was open and inviting and there were a couple tables that were full.

After scanning the appetizer menu we decided on the Asa Tiklil, a chopped spicy raw tuna wrapped in toasted injera, the Asparagus Soup, and the Misir Wett, a spiced lentil spread, on toasted injera.

(l. to r. Misir Wett on Toasted Injera and Asa Tiklil)

Everything was delicious. The Misir Wett is a standby favorite for us at the Manhattan location and it was delicious as always. The Asparagus Soup was refreshing. And the Asa Tiklil was a first for us and the highlight of the meal. The texture balance between raw tuna and the toasted injera was incredible. The tuna was perfectly spiced. We will definitely have that again.

Throughout the meal we chatted with the waiter and one of the co-owners, Yeworkwoha Ephrem, about the opening and how much we love their Manhattan branch. Everyone was so welcoming and lovely. Towards the end of our meal, the owner sent out a complimentary plate of the Sega Tibs, thin slices of beef marinated in tej and seared to perfection. I don't eat beef, but Lawman does and he said it was spectacular.

All in all, a delightful meal. We can't wait to go back when they are fully open to try new dishes and have some of our old favorites.

Full opening, Tuesday, April 15th. Grand opening later in May. Will offer take out soon. For more photos, check out our flickr.

348 Douglass Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215


rachel said...

Does this mean I can go eat there starting today? Am so excited.

Brownie said...

Definitely! I can't wait to go back. So, so happy to have them in Brooklyn!