Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Men from Ra

I'm taking a break from my extensive "Yo! MTV Raps" watching to bring you a post about Sapporo. Whilst working with Mrs. Brownie, I often passed by Sapporo, noticed the line out the door, and made a mental note to eat there tomorrow for lunch. There are seriously lines all day and all night for ramen and katsu. Obviously, this has to be a front for something.

So I finally convinced Brownie to accompany me there the other day (after I hung out in front of the Treats Truck and ate my first Trucker! Delicious!). Now, I'm not a soup girl. I like soup, I'll eat it when I'm cold or sick or really really in the mood and that mood strikes exactly once every 14.5 months. I've also had my fair share of the bad, dry, brick ramen; haven't eaten that kind in a LOOOONG time. I've only had ramen in a restaurant maybe thrice? I somehow blocked out the sodium factor.

Alas, Brownie and I sat. She ordered the Miso Ramen. I ordered the Kanton-Men. They showed up in approximately 5 minutes (snaps for service). And for fast food, they present the food pretty well. Doesn't it look hot and steamy and making you forget all about your soaking wet socks and frizzy hair?

First off, they have some amazing broths they're working with here. Brownie and I agreed that the broth had a good amount of taste. In the miso, there was a little bit of a kick (red pepper flakes?) and what appears to be imitation crab meat (Brownie?). Mrs. Brownie slurped most of it so one can only assume it was delicious and worth the five days supply of sodium.

The Kanton-Men was delicious. It had a meaty flavor from the pork, the noodles weren't overcooked, and there were a good amount of vegetables in there. As Brownie hit the bottom of her bowl, I wasn't even half way done. Upon further inspection, we realized my bowl was significantly larger making this a steal. I actually considered having them wrap this up so I could have more later. And that's saying a lot. My craving won't hit for at least 10-11 months. It's definitely worth the sodium and you CANNOT beat the price (I dare you!). I fully plan on going back and trying the teriyaki and katsu. Teriyaki, I'm always in the mood for. Maybe I'll stop next door to the Sake Bar. I hear a certain Mr. Bourdain was there once.

Sapporo Restaurant
152 W 49th St
New York, NY 10019
(212) 869-8972‎
Take the N/R/W to 49th Street, exiting out onto 49th Street. It's directly next to that bikini place.

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Brownie said...

Blondie has been trying FOREVER to get me to go with her to Sapporo. I didn't really think about the sodium thing either until I saw that some of the soups were described as "salt flavored." At least they were upfront about it.

The item in the soup that Blondie refers to as possibly imitation crab meat was actually japanese fishcake (I think). Saltiness aside, the spicy kick to the miso broth was delightful and the roast pork slices were excellent. I'm not in a rush to return, but I also wouldn't rule it out completely. Pretty solid and filling meal for $7.50 plus tax.