Thursday, April 17, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck One Treat at a Time: The Cinnamon Cookie

We've enjoyed many a good treat from the Treats Truck Lady, Kim Ima, since the delightful mobile bakery first hit the streets of NYC. I always want to try new things, but some how I can get easily get caught in my ways and order the same treat. No more! There are too many treats to try, so Blondie and I are introducing a new feature where we take you treat by treat through the Treats Truck's classic offerings and specials.

First up the Cinnamon Cookie...

Yesterday I dropped by the Treats Truck and spotted a new treat. What was it? A snickerdoodle? No! A Cinnamon Cookie. Since I knew I was meeting up with Blondie later, I had to buy one for us to share.

Normally, I don't like crispy cookies. I prefer soft and chewy ones. This cookie however had just the right balance of buttery crispiness and a chewier center. Blondie and I agreed that the thin shmear of cinnamon butter frosting was a nice touch and complemented the cookie well. And the cookie was a good size for $1.25. The verdict? Certifiably delicious.

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