Friday, April 25, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck One Treat at a Time: Passover Treats!

Last week Blondie and I began our mission to take on the Treats Truck, one treat at a time. Our first treat up, the Cinnamon Cookie. And now, we bring you Passover treats...

Now as Blondie mentioned these treats came at then end of a long birthday of eating (I'll bring you more of that this weekend...), so I wasn't starving but Blondie and my mom wanted to break into the treats while we enjoyed our birthday drinks at the Rainbow Room. So, we forged ahead and started with the apricot square. It was sweet and pleasant, but very crumbly. We were constantly sweeping the table to avoid discovery. I wished that the ratio of crust to topping were a little more favorable to the topping.

Next up, the apple cake which was appley, rustic, and sweet but not overly so. Blondie thought it should be called an apple pie square instead of cake, because even though we knew the treats were unleaven and flourless for Passover, calling it cake evoked a certain expectation of spongyness, (though as a couple of Gentiles, we've never had one of those Manishevitz Passover cakes from a box, so we can't compare--this apple cake may very well be the height of Kosher for Passover cake deliciousness).

Overall these two specialty treats were good and would be nice to bring to a seder, but I don't think they will replace any of the Treats Truck standards in our pantheon of favorite Treats Truck Treats anytime soon. Now...if only we could persuade the Treats Truck Lady to make Chocolate Hamantaschen for next Purim...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun! Are you taking any passengers> :-)

Brownie said...

Haha, always! By the way, your cupcakes look delicious. I want to try that Mint Chocolate Champ... :-D