Monday, April 28, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck One Treat at a Time: The Mint Chocolate Trucker

Blondie and I are committed to our mission to take on the Treats Truck, one treat at a time. Our first treat up, the Cinnamon Cookie. Then last week we tasted the Apple Cake and Apricot Square the Treats Truck Lady whipped up especially for Passover. This week the highly anticipated Mint Chocolate Trucker...

I've always been a huge fan of the mint and chocolate. In fact Mint Chocolate Chip was my favorite ice cream flavor until it was eclipsed by Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough during the great cookie dough ice cream revolution of the late 80s/early 90s. Still mint and chocolate are high up there in my flavor combo ranks and I was super excited when the Treats Truck Lady told me several that she had developed a Mint Chocolate Trucker as her sort of Treats Truck tribute to the Thin Mint cookie. I had to try it.

Unfortunately, the Mint Chocolate Trucker isn't on the regular menu so the Treats Truck Lady only occasionally makes it and often times she would be out of the specials by the time my mid afternoon sugar low hit. Finally the cookie powers that be smiled down upon me and I made it to the truck in time to score a Mint Chocolate Trucker. Yes!

Brownie's Mint Chocolate Trucker

Dense chewy chocolate cookie and filled with an intensely dark minty chocolate filling. I was planning on saving half to share with Blondie, but, um, Blondie's half didn't make it through my snack time. I consoled myself with the fact that I wouldn't see her for a whole day and within 24 hours the Trucker wouldn't be at it's peak of freshness. The Treats Truck Lady didn't slave away in her kitchen for her Treats to be served in sub-ideal conditions. No, it would be a serious affront. A slap in the face were I to save that 1/2 cookie. I did the only reasonable thing and I ate it. All. LOVED. IT.

Fortunately great minds really do think alike and fortune had also smiled on Blondie and across town, possibly even simultaneously, she was enjoying her own Mint Chocolate Trucker, which come to think of it, she didn't mention thinking of saving half for me...

Blondie's Mint Chocolate Trucker

Any way, Blondie enjoyed the Trucker as well. She's also a mint chocolate fan, but when we did our post Mint Trucker recap she did express disappointment that the filling was a dark chocolate ganache as she would have preferred something less heavy, like a minty cream filling. Interesting. I'd certainly be up for trying it with a minty cream filling. Maybe the Treats Truck Lady didn't want there to be any confusion with the traditional Chocolate and Vanilla Cream filled Trucker. Perhaps if the Treats Truck Lady went with the mint cream filling, the filling could be colored green (nothing like food coloring to heighten the fun), or rolled in green sugar crystals.

Of the treats we've reviewed thus far the Mint Chocolate Trucker has been my favorite. I hope it someday finds a semi regular position on the regular menu. terms of our next Treats Truck Adventure, I put the question to our readers...I have finally accumulated the 10 stamps and I have a FREE treat coming my way. I can't eat nuts, but I'm open to anything else. How would you spend your free treat?

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talida said...

hmm, darn. I was going to say peanut butter sandwich cookie or the pecan butterscotch blondie. Maybe a classic crispy because I personally hate paying for rice krispies treats, but it'd be different earning it.

Brownie said...

Oddly enough I can have peanuts, it's just no tree nuts for me, weird, I know.

The peanut butter sandwich cookie is officially in the running for the free treat. Thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

An Oatmeal Jammy! Good lord how I love oatmeal cookies... and jam... jars and jars of jam.

Brownie said...

Ooh, Oatmeal Jammy! That does sound good. I look oatmeal cookies. And I do love jam. I have even upon occasion made jam. Hopefully I'll get to take Blondie fruit picking this year so we can make jam (you know that's part of the pizza pilgrimage, right Blondie?) Thanks for the suggestion!