Sunday, May 4, 2008

And I'm back! With product reviews!

I know, I've been neglectful to the blog, but between packing, moving, unpacking, new waking routine, a longer and intense commute, and dealing with antiquated electricity, bringing updates of my adventures has gone on the back burner, but that doesn't mean my thoughts haven't been with you. I, in fact, found one of the best cookies ever, the Biskrem Duo. Story of its discovery after the
On moving day eve, I was anything, but packed. I nicely asked for help from my bestie, Bez. She's the mover-go-to, in the sense that she's helped people move various times. Her expertise with loading a moving van is unmatchable. She kindly came over to help my pack, and feed me with alcohol. Somewhere around 2 in the morning, we decided that some pudding was in order (we had a lot to still go through), so a trip to Astoria's 24-hour grocery, Trade Fair, was made. Once there, I spotted the Biskrem. They're from Turkey, and a pack is only 99¢, you can't beat that if you tried. Bez and I picked up the Duo and the regular with cocoa filling. The regular creme filling is very similar to HIT cookies, the other 99¢ cookie. We weren't really impressed. Then we had the Duo...

The package made it look gooier than the regular, but we were skeptical. The first bite revealed a molten chocolate center. See how it's dripping down a little bit. Whatever chocolate they're using, the melting point is right at room temperature, and it's not too sweet either (no painful teeth like that which comes from certain name brands from Pennsylvania). I didn't do any experiments with freezing them, but I will tell you, it's REALLY good with peanut butter. These are most definitely on my radar and another few bags will have to be picked up.
The next morning, we did, in fact, pick up more bags.

The other two were apple and fig. The fig tasted like a crunchy fig newton, which I liked.

The apple had more filling than the fig, but the taste was more subtle. All in all, these were pretty tasty 99¢ cookies that would wonderfully compliment a dessert plate or dish (mmm, the apple with cinnamon ice cream).

Another product I've been meaning to try is the latest Doritos flavor, Spicy Sweet Chili. I grew up in a family of Dorito lovers, we eat it with popcorn, it's a BBQ mainstay, etc. etc. so I've had everyone on the look out for this new flavor. On moving day, after procuring bagels from Astoria's Bagel House (great bagels, btw), I spotted a purple bag out of the corner of my eye. I turn my head. It's SPICY SWEET CHILI!!! Of all places, and for 99¢ (kind of odd seeing as products are usually regular bags first before becoming 99¢ versions, but whatevs.). Before Bez knows what's going on, I've run across the store, and am buying Doritos at 8am. (She knows I'm nuts, so nothing surprises her anymore.)

I waited until my brother could join me in a taste test (he being the biggest Doritos person in the fam.) We tasted. This is by far the most interesting Doritos yet. Yeah, they all, except for Cool Ranch, kind of taste like a play on Nacho Cheese, but this one tastes different. Like someone at the Dorito facroty woke up and realized variety is the spice of life. Spicy Sweet is exactly that. You first taste spice, then a tang of chili spice, then a sweet aftertaste, almost like brown sugar has been added in (there is also some MSG, so watch out or you'll eat a whole bag or four.) It's a thumbs up, with the right amount of spicy and the sweet adds a new kick to an old side dish. If the local store would carry them, I will definitely be adding these to the summer BBQ grocery list.

Trade Fair
37-11 Ditmars Blvd
Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 274-1085
Various locations throughout Queens.

Bagel House
38-11 Ditmars Blvd
Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 726-1869

PS, Brownie, you're mean. Now you have to get me Chick-Fil-A from NYU, by hook or by crook.


Brownie said...

For a moment I considered putting a Chick-fil-a in my carry on for you.

I will just have to don a scrubby NYU tee and see if I can get into Weinstein...secret mission time!

I, too, have tried the Spicy Doritos, I actually found them in a vending machine in a bus depot in PA. They passed my deliciousness test, in much like the Chick-fil-a sandwich, I planned to be moderate and eat only half, but I finished the whole bag. Certifiably delicious. I especially enjoyed that moment of heat and then the sweetness that followed. I'm also eager to try the Doritos Hot Wings and Blue Cheese. You up for a taste test?

Siobhan said...

The Hot Wings and Blue Cheese is old potatoes. They taste like Nacho Cheese mixed with Cool Ranch. Eh, I could take it or leave it.