Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blondie's Libations: Gin

When I was about 5 or so, my father sat me down and delivered some very bad news. "Blondie," he said, "you can never drink gin. It's not in our genes. If you drink gin, you will get belligerently drunk with a tendency towards violence." So I was scared off gin for a good 20 years. Then one day, I thought "Maybe daddy was wrong."

That day happened to be last week at the Canada festival. Canadians wouldn't steer me the wrong way, would they? They only had a select few mixers, and I chose the pomegranate juice. Three gin and pomegranates in, and I still wasn't really feeling buzzed. The bartender was being generous and I wasn't eating enough to soak up the booze, so the problem was with me.

Then a second opportunity arose this very weekend, where I could drink gin to my little black heart's content. So maybe it was a wedding, but my friends were around and they would stop me if I became belligerent, and gladly stick me in a car and lock the doors if I dared become violent. Perfect time to experiment. I chose gin and tonic. A classic drink. One, three, five gin and tonics in. Nothing. I switched to vodka. I then woke up this morning with a wicked hangover. And that my dears, ends my relationship with gin.


Anonymous said...


I think you may have rushed to judgment. After such a wonderful run with the delicious juniper juice, I don't see why you're not attributing your evil headache to the vodka that capped off your festivities. At worst, your experiment proved only that the Beefeaters drink of choice will not abide by disloyalty. Enjoy your gin, do so irresponsibly if you wish, but, once you commit, you simply cannot consort with other libations.


Anonymous said...

how was it paired with pomegranate juice?

Siobhan said...

Danny, it was ok, not sweet at all. I think I've only had pomegranate juice once before.

Lawman, the fermented potato and I have a long, illustrious history. It was not his fault. I'm not swearing off gin forever, but if I must pair something with tonic, it will be of the Russian influence.