Thursday, May 15, 2008

In Search of Racial Harmony

As a wee lass, I ate my fair share of black and white cookies, always while in NYC. But they always left my mouth feeling dry and the icing was hard. Yet, I loved them. Then, to my complete and utter surprise, I found out that they are supposed to taste better, and apparently the black and white zenith is in the UES, at a small bakery named Glasers.

Now, I had a few hours to kill on the UES just this week, and I made a point of trekking to 1st Ave for my appointment with destiny. I now think I'm in love. The icing has the littlest skin to it, in that it was hard on top, but still moist and creamy underneath. The cake/cookie was a perfect balance between cake and cookie, a cakeie, if you will. It was baked until golden and crisp on the outside, but airy and light on the inside. It was moist for a black and white; you don't need a glass of milk to wash it down. This was definitely the best black and white I've ever had. My mother agreed, and she's lived in NYC for over 40 years.

Whilst in the UES, I decided to stop at Two Little Red Hens, the sister bakery to Ladybird. Ever since Palm Sunday, I've been curious to see how they compare to each other. First, it's set up weird. The main case is perpendicular to the store front, and past the register. So you need to walk far into the store to see the options. Second, I think the woman who rung me up was annoyed that I only bought a $3.25 vanilla cupcake. I had an obvious bag from another bakery in my hand (the b&w), but attitude is not necessary when I'm buying an expensive cupcake. The verdict: eh, I could take it or leave it. The frosting was too buttery/greasy for me, and the cake was a bit dry and crumbly. I will return to try the $4 Yorkville, if only because it's one of a kind, but would I have rather spent my money on another black & white? Yes.

Glaser's Bakery
87th Street and 1st Avenue
(212) 289-2562

Two Little Red Hens
1652 2nd Avenue (at 86th Street)
(212) 452-0476


Anonymous said...

I got linked to your blog from the picture of the cupcake you took that's in the Serious Eats Flickr pool. I used to live on the UES and loved the Brooklyn Blackout Cakes from Two Little Red Hens. I got it in cupcake form as well as mini cake form with flower decorations. It is RIDICULOUSLY good. I highly suggest you get that next time you go! I don't think you'll be disappointed. You can give me the rest if you don't like it! :)

Brownie said...

Gorgeous pic, Blondie. Yum. You know I love me a good black and white. I look forward to a Glasers mission soon!