Friday, May 23, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck One Treat at a Time: The Caramel Creme Trucker!

In our quest to try all the treats that the Treats Truck has to offer, this week Blondie and I turned to a treat we have long admired but as of yet, never tasted; the Caramel Creme Trucker...

Inside the Caramel Creme Trucker

The cookie was extremely rich, buttery, and sweet, like a sophisticated take on the shortbread cookie. It has a strong caramel flavor and a nice thin layer of vanilla buttercream frosting. Blondie and I both found the Caramel Creme Trucker pleasant and enjoyable, but felt that it was maybe a little too sweet for both of us. That said these cookies have a unique taste and a nice presence and would be great to serve after a dinner party or bring as a hostess gift.

Caramel Creme Trucker: $1.75

Treats Truck
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