Monday, June 9, 2008

Blondie's Libations: Duck Walk's Gatsby Red

Duck Walk's Gatsby Red
I grew up knowing all about The Great Gatsby, as West and East Egg are a stone's throw from my nabe in Queens. I highly identify with Nick Carraway, have a strong dislike for the Daisys and Toms of the world, and Gatsby is, well, Gatsby. I still have a tiny crush on his bootlegging ass. With all this in mind, I tried the latest option from my new favorite vineyard, Duck Walk.

Duck Walk is now onto the Gatsby Red, a blend of several red grape varieties. Now, I am still learning a lot about reds. During my adolescence, they tended to make me quesy, but somewhere in my early mid-twenties, I started giving them another go. I find many of them too dry for my taste, unless I'm having them with a meal where they need to cut the grease. So I was very pleased when I saw the words, semi-sweet. I traditionally think semi-sweet and chocolate, but wine and chocolate are almost interchangeable in my book, so this is ok with me. I brought the wine to a picnic with Brownie, Lawman, and The Dewey Decimator. Lawman and I partook in a taste-tasting, and, though hot from the sun, the wine held it's own. Not too sweet, but definitely not dry.

A few days later, Energizer wanted a taste, so we got another battle and another (room temperature) taste test. Result: it's very fruity, and the cherry flavor is the one that stands out. There's also a little berry taste to it, but that may be the plum they describe. And this wine also has good legs. I would recommend this chilled or at room temperature, with a lighter dish (seafood, pasta, etc) as opposed to a heavy steak.

Available throughout the tri-state area. Click here for store locator.

Duck Walk Vineyards
231 Montaulk Hwy. (RT. 27)
Water Mill, NY

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