Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blondie's Libations: Park Slope Pub Crawl

AKA Blondie's failed attempts at scaring Park Slope mommies and their babes by shaking her ta-tas all over the place. Fun times, fun times. I am fortunate enough to have a good friend, Madras Man, in the Fun Committee, and last week the committee dictated that a pub crawl of Park Slope would be fun. Now let's watch as I lose the ability to take photos as the night progresses.

First our night started at O'Connors, a nice, outer borough, neighborhood bar, like the kind I grew up in. Nothing pretentious or out of the ordinary, and they had the added bonus of a backyard with a usable grill.

Next, the crawl moved onto Black Sheep, a little more cafe-esque. I'm wary to say trendy or upscale, it wasn't a dive or a lounge, but somewhere in the middle. They had a menu and a couple of unique brews, but the real bonus there was the free jukebox. I believe it was only in between certain hours, but getting to pick out your free music is definitely sweet. By this point I was hoping to run into the infamous Park Slope mommy and her babes, but surprisingly enough, there were no strollers to be had.

We strolled further down 5th Avenue and landed in Voodoo Lounge, a sports bar for the Park Slope crowd. This had the requisite flat screen TVs needed for a sports bar, but their unique touch is the little basketballs at the bottom of the pint glasses. Side note: the bartenders at these first three places were all very welcoming to our crowd.

Next up was the big kahuna, the one we've all been waiting for, Union Hall. I had heard many, many things about Union Hall, some good, some not so good, but it is the apex of Park Slopeness complete with indoor bocce. Let's think for a minute, bocce is supposed to be played by 80 year old Italian men, during the day, in a park. Not by drunken girls, in heels and a dress where her ta-tas can easily come out to say hello. That being said, the food was good for bar fare, except for the beer cheese; ix-nay on the beer cheese. The meat in the sliders was quite good, not prepackaged, frozen meat, but fresh and flavorful. The service was a little lacking since the waitress forgot to bring me my drink; apparently she couldn't figure out that I had gotten up to play bocce, granted she was very overwhelmed with a crowd.

I swear to you that this photo and its accompanying one (on our Flickr) was in focus when I took it. My camera must have somehow made it out of focus in the night. Swear to you. We did have a good time at Union Hall, regardless of the Dewey Decimator and I losing to another member of the Fun Committee, Colt 45. Afterwards, I ran across the street to Uncle Louie G's and had the Peanut Butter Cookie ice cream and it was everything I hoped it would be, from what I remember.

Moving on further down 5th Avenue, we came to The Gate, which was very crowded, inside and out on the deck. They had a wide selection of brews on tap and, I believe, they rotate them regularly. The one I had didn't strike my fancy, but Dewey Decimator liked hers. Interestingly enough, I still had yet to run into a Park Slope, child-toting mommy, and it wasn't looking good.

Last on the Park Slope side of the night, we headed to Bar Reis. This place was confusing for a drunk person. First, you walk in a there is a very tiny bar. You think "is this it?" but no, it's not. You walk through small doorways and down stairs and through weird hallways and you come across a back garden and a pool table room with a working jukebox. And then you and random motley crew sit at a table, are forgotten about by your friends in the front of the bar, and they leave your asses there to fend for yourselves. Next thing you know, you're on 14th street at 1:30 in the morning wondering "Why is there always a line at Artichoke?!"

O'Connor's Pub
39 5th Avenue
(718) 783-9721

Black Sheep Pub
428 Bergen Street
(718) 638-1109

Voodoo Sports Lounge
138 Fifth Avenue (near St. Johns Place)
(718) 399-3206

Union Hall (not to be confused with Union Pool, that's in Williamsburg)
702 Union Street @ 5th Avenue
(718) 638-4400

Uncle Louie G's

741 Union Street
(718) 623-6668‎

The Gate

321 5th Avenue
(718) 768-4329

Bar Reis
375 5th Avenue
(718) 832-5716

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Anonymous said...

if you want to knock down a slope mommy, try Union Hall on a saturday afternoon. haha. They kind of disappear after 3 or 4 pm. During the day, they are def. out in full force.

and i like the beer cheese. mmm...