Monday, June 16, 2008

Boston Cream Cupcake from Zaros!

While Blondie and I were in Grand Central the other day checking out the Johnnie Walker Blue engraving, I saw that Zaro's was sporting some new cupcake flavors, among them, a Boston Cream cupcake. A Boston Cream Pie, in a cupcake? Now that was intriguing...

My dad loves Boston Cream Pie. It's his absolute favorite cake. We have it every year for his birthday, which is probably why I don't really like Boston Cream Pie. As a kid I knew come my dad's birthday there wouldn't be any question to the kind of cake we were having. And it would be 8 long months before I had a chance to pick a cake for my birthday.

When I saw this cupcake in the window I immediately thought of bringing one to Dad for Father's Day. Of course, I couldn't just give my dad any old cupcake for Father's Day, I would have to make sure it was good.

Now for all I've said that I don't really like Boston Cream Pie, this cupcake did look delicious I love the way you could tell that they pried off the top and had filled it with cream.

Splitting it open the cupcake was in fact filled with ample vanilla custard. The cake was moist and slightly dense and the custard cream was nice and vanilla-y. I especially appreciated the dark chocolate frosting, a lot of times Boston Cream pies tend to have a cloying, is-this-really-chocolate flavor. Not this Boston Cream. The frosting was nice and dark which was a welcome contrast with the sweeter cake and cream filling. After sharing a cupcake with a friend from work we concluded this would be a worthy Father's Day offering. And I would definitely consider getting it again.

Boston Cream Pie Cupcake: $2.95
Grand Central
Across from Track 34

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