Monday, June 2, 2008

Brownie's Libations?

Unless venti skim no-foam lattes can be considered libations, Brownie won't be replacing Blondie's regular drink review column anytime soon, but after drinks at the Rink Bar a couple of weeks ago, I had to post...

When Blondie offered to take me out for a drink the other night, I suggested the recently opened Rink Bar at Rock Center. I remembered that they used to have fun drink mixed drink specials that were around $5 or $6--not too bad for drinks post work in Midtown. We arrived at the Rink Bar on a cool, but pleasant evening and had no trouble getting a table right away. Perusing the drink menu I discovered the fun nightly mixed drink specials were now all $8 (that's a bargain?) and the bottle of beer of the night was $5 (though on Mondays you can get Coors Lights for $3). I wasn't delighted with the prices, but whatever, we were already there.

We each ordered an $8 mojito and skipped on the munchies which started at $11 for a Chicken Quesadilla and went up to $15 for "Stone-ground" guacamole. Fortunately there are ways to get the guac for free, like if you are a pigeon...

Hmmm...$15 Guac?

Don't Mind if I Do!


I wasn't impressed with the mojitos. They were overly sweet (do not want) and didn't even have enough rum for a lightweight like me. I enjoy a good mojito, but didn't even finish mine here. Not worth the calories and not worth $8.

If you like paying $12 for hummus (it's HUMMUS, people!) and enjoy drinks that aren't particularly strong and aren't particularly cheap, check out the Rink Bar. As for me and Blondie, we'll be giving it a pass.

Rink Bar
Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave
New York, NY 10017

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Siobhan said...

Blondie official libation: Mojitos contain rum. This one didn't. End of story.