Monday, June 30, 2008

The Fancy Food Show: Sunday, June 29th: Sweets and Treats

I lugged my not-so light laptop to the Javits for The Fancy Food Show yesterday, but to be honest the food was too delicious and too distracting. So much for live blogging... But back to the food. We came, we saw, we ate. A lot. I'm going to break down some of our favorites in mini posts to make it more manageable. First up, a sampling of sweets and treats...

Fruits de Saint Tropez from Neuhaus

I tried the pear and it was absolutely delicious and it's make with 70% real fruit pulp. These would make a beautiful summer hostess gift. Check them out at Booth 955.

Naturally Nora's All Natural Cake Mixes

Naturally Nora's in cupcake form

One of my favorite treats from the show were these delicious cakes from Naturally Nora. I spoke to Nora herself who said that she was inspired to make delicious boxed cakes by her daughter request for a Funfetti Cake. I love Funfetti, too, and I was please to see that these natural alternatives stacked up nicely. And with all natural ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and Non-hydrogenated oils, parents can feel good about making these cakes. Also they are dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free and Kosher! They are currently available in stores in NJ and in addition to adding online ordering in the future, they are working on getting wider distribution. Check them out at Booth 2842.

Serendipity 3's Frrrozen Hot Mint Chocolate

This was too icy for Blondie's liking, but I thought it was delicious and refreshing. Minty but not too minty. If you love frozen hot chocolate and can't get to the real Serendipity, this would be a good DYI alternative. Check them out at Booth 3253.

Two New Flavors from Peanut Butter and Company

I LOVE Peanut Butter and Company. It was a staple in my college years. And though I don't live in the village anymore I still swing by their restaurant for a sandwich now and then and to pick up a jar of peanut butter, of course! I was thrilled to taste these two new flavors. Mighty Maple, creamy peanut butter blended with maple syrup. I've had honey roasted peanuts, but never thought of maple with peanuts. The maple flavor was subtle and a nice accent. Bee's Knees was excellent, too. Love that honey and PB combo--just add bananas and you have an instant Elvis without the mess of drizzling the honey yourself! Two excellent new additions to the Peanut Butter and Company peanut butter line. Check them out at Booth 2156.

I have to run to meet Blondie for more Fancy Food, more sweets and treats (and savories!) to come.

In the meantime check out our Fancy Food Flickr Set


Anonymous said...

Wow! How does one get invited to this orgy of new food products? I think they would have to wheel me out because I would probably hit every booth based on your pics!

Brownie said...

hey phillygirl,

I'm having a hard time finding the page on the NASFT site with the specific requirements--they may have taken it down b/c the show is over. If you google around about registration, I'm sure you'll find it. If you have a food blog you can register as press and they check your credentials at the press office before giving you a press badge. If they decide for whatever reason that you don't qualify as "press" you can still buy a badge on-site. Hope this helps!

Re: hitting every booth, Blondie and I walked the entire top floor of the Javits on Sunday. Hopefully the like 6 miles worth of walking offset some of the massive eating. :)

BTW, thanks for the banana ice cream sandwich tip. I'm definitely going to try it!