Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gluten Free Delicious: Nutella Cupcakes, Take 1

When I met my dear friend, Batgirl, little did I know that her Celiac would respark my interest in baking. I love challenges and the idea of making delicious baked goods without using gluten is a challenge I am up for. I am her personal gluten free baker. But when I decided to make Nutella cupcakes a few days ago, I didn't seek out a gluten free recipe, I happened across it. It was a win-win situation.

Brownie can't share in my love of Nutella. Whole jars rarely last long in my house. It's most likely the most delicious thing ever. I find it quite acceptable to eat Nutella for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert. It's very versatile. I had been promising my brother a Nutella cake for sometime, and last weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity. I found Nigella Lawson's recipe at Big City, Little Kitchen (but it appears to be all over the internets), and thought that this would most likely make good cupcakes. Ooh, maybe I'll use Brownie's Tahitian Vanilla Frosting from her winning cupcake, but I'll make it with Mexican vanilla as I haven't been to Tahiti lately to pick up vanilla (next week, guys, next week).

Eggs, ground hazelnuts, blah blah blah. Here's the best part of the recipe:
Full Nutella.

Empty Nutella.

Btw, I also have a girl crush on Nigella. She's amazing. I'd do her, after we ate some Nutella, of course.

I placed these babies in the 350 oven for 15 minutes and they were perfect coming out. They looked like cupcakes, so I left them on the rack for capturing later. After watching TV for an hour, I came back, and there had been FALL-AGE!!! They had fallen from pretty little cupcakes to the equivalent of mini cakes. One begged to be eaten, as the photos can tell; his life confirmed that they were still edible. Yes, I also forgot to use liners. Whatevs.

I made Brownie's incredibly buttery frosting, and though that was good, I think I should have gone for a more sugary frosting as it was completely overwhelmed by the Nutella flavoring. Many just ate the Nutella cake sans frosting and loved. Batgirl has requested a take 2; this time I'm going to add some baking soda for a little more rising, and take more caution with my egg whites (I let them deflate some on accident). I will report my findings.

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