Friday, June 6, 2008

In honor of Doughnut Day aka Blondie loves Doughnuts!

Look, the donut is giving a hug to the fro-yo. Btws, this is my version of a diet. I think I should get added points since the Yolato fro-gelato-yo has ample calcium. That's glazed blueberry cake, one of the few the Penn Station Krispy Kreme had left when I got there. It was actually quite delicious, and I think more fro-yo places should have crumbled up Krispy Kremes as a topping choice. Yes, these are the things I eat for lunch whilst on a diet, yolato and donuts. I would have done better positioning of the donuts, but the fro-yo was melting and I was hungry. What it all looks like crumbled together, after the

I got this doughnut for free at:
Krispy Kreme
2 Penn Plaza @ Amtrak Rotunda
(212) 947-7175

And the Yolato at:
125 Park Avenue (at 42nd St/Pershing Square)

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