Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is it Goodburger or Good Burger?

Whichever, it's an expensive burger. Let's discuss.

I love moo-cow burgers. I love cheap burgers. I love expensive burgers. But most of all, I love cheeseburgers. When Paris Hilton's Jack in the Box ad came out, it made me hungry. I've planned part of my Vegas vacation around the hotel's proximity to In-n-Out. I knew that Goodburger existed, but had heard it was pricey, so I never bothered to stop in until last week. I was hungry, it was lunch, I know I should have gone to the Blarney Stone, instead I went to Goodburger. For a cheeseburger and a shake, it was $13.28 with tax. Call me crazy, but that's expensive. I didn't even get fries (partly due to the price tag, partly due to it being bikini season). The only thought going through my mind was "This better be good."

It was good. Better than some other burgers. It was quality meat with good char and taste, the bun to burger ratio was good, and I tasted two kinds of cheese. The thick chocolate milkshake tasted like it was made with ice cream, but it did have a slightly chalky taste. I thoroughly enjoyed both, but would I go there again for lunch? No, probably not. $13 is too much for a lunch without fries regardless of the size of my ass.

Here's the one I went to:
23 W. 45th St
(212) 354-0900


Anonymous said...

What were you expecting to pay for a shake, fries, and a burger?

I don't think you can blame Goodburger for charging around $16-$17 for a burger, shake and fries because honestly, where else are you getting all the cheaper with the caliber burger you're looking for?

Siobhan said...

Well...I could get a cheeseburger, fries, and a shake at the Shack for about the same amount, and I like the Shack's meat better.

Anonymous said...

For take out, that just seems ridiculously expensive... Maybe the midtown location is slightly more expensive than other ones? I remember to the one by Union Square to be a bit cheaper... So you prefer the Shack?

Siobhan said...

Why yes, yes I do prefer their burgers and delicious custards.

salty said...

if you're looking for a quality burger and fries for a fraction of the price, hit corner bistro.

a bistro burger and fries will only run you $8.50.
delicious and available at 4am.
what more could one want?