Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's So Greasy It Needed Two Pairs of Gloves

Today I joined in the search for a missing taco truck. Alas, it was not to be found (though I did almost fall into HSBC tennis set-up on 5th Ave, and when I say fall, I mean completely missing it right in front of me and tumbling over the side into the makeshift tennis court). After the jump, the conversation my brain and stomach were having when said near fall occurred.

Brain: "Stomach, it appears you are hungry. What do you desire in place of tacos?"

Stomach: "Hmm, maybe that fried pork sandwich from Tina's, formerly Sophie's, that we saw posted days ago."

Brain: "But you are on a diet, and Sophie's is a little too hectic during lunch time."

Stomach: "But I desire it so, the fried deliciousness of it all."

Brain: "So be it."

And I made my way to Sophie's on Lex. and its chaos. At first I thought I had to get into the regular take out line, but then I spotted the sign saying "Order sandwiches here" and there I went. After waiting a hot second, it was my turn. Yes, I said "Fried Pork Sandwich, please." No, I don't know how to say it in Spanish. As soon as the lovely sandwich maker started tearing pieces of fried pork onto toasted bread, I knew this was a good call on stomach's part. I watched as his gloves got greasier and greasier, in a good way. And then the plantains went on! By the end, he had to take off the first set of gloves and place on another to finish my sandwich. I didn't take pictures because I was salivating and giggling, as I'm wont to do when I really excited to eat.

Sandwich and I went back to the office to seal the deal. And oh man was it good! The pork was a little on the dry side, but not so much that I minded (it's only $6, so I shouldn't be complaining at all). The plantains were delicious, and the crunch of the toasty bread complements the insides. I didn't get any toppings since I felt the fried pork was enough, but I can only imagine what it's like with mayo or salsa. Next time, my dears, next time.

Sophie's Cuban
369 Lexington Ave, but there are various locations in Manhattan
(212) 922-3576/3577/3578

PS I did struggle to stay awake during the afternoon and I think I felt an artery clogging, but what doesn't kill you...

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Anonymous said...

Life is generally better when stomach triumphs over brain. Next time would you get it with mayo or salsa, given the moist/dryness of the pork?