Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maine Lobster Gazpacho from the Oyster Bar

Blondie and I first read about the Oyster Bar takeout window on Midtown Lunch and I've been wanting to check it out ever since.

Blondie and I've heard great things about the Oyster Bar's fried oyster po' boy and I headed to GCT at lunch on Friday with the intention of grabbing one. When I got there after a bit of a sunny and toasty walk, I have to admit that my attention was stolen by the Maine Lobster Gazpacho. What could be better than a nice chilled soup on a hot day? Add lobster to that and I was sold!

When the counter guy handed me the bag with my soup I was pleasantly surprised by how heavy it was. This was a good sized soup. There was a fair amount of lovely little chunks of claw and body lobster meat. Much of the lobster had collected on the top, so with a few stirs I incorporated it so I would get lobster in pretty much each bite. The soup itself was refreshing, but a little heavy on the onions, so if you have a business meeting or a hot date, I'd recommend trying this soup another day.

The gazpacho had more lobster meat than the Bahian Lobster Stew from Free Foods and came with two little baggies of Westminster Oyster Crackers. I'll definitely be back for more.

Maine Lobster Gazpacho: $6.95
Oyster Bar Takeout Window
Grand Central Terminal lower level

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