Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NEWS FLASH!! Blondie Forces Date on Food Mission!!!

Since starting this blog, Brownie and I have had our moments where we say "Should we tell such and such our alter egos?" and I have had the 'when do I tell dates "I'm co-contributor to a food blog. I'm sorry if you're embarrassed and never speak to me again, but I need to take pictures of our food."' Fortunately, the latest victim met me at a restaurant, saw me taking pictures of food, and he wasn't put off by it. So for our third meet up, and second official date, I took him on a food mission, if anything to see how he would react.

Let me set the scene for you:
Blondie, picking up date at his apartment. Date in car. Blondie turns to him.

B: "So, we have to sort of make a pit stop before dinner."

D: Quizzical look on face, "What do you mean?"

B: Looking him straight in the eye "There's a banana pudding I've been dying to try. It's at my fave bakery, Sugar Sweet Sunshine. And with this car, I have the means to get the pudding and no real excuses to not get the pudding. You may have to jump out of the car and get my pudding for me."

D: "Ok, I'll be your bakery bitch."

B: Cold, black hearts beating in her eyes, sighs.
It's over, folks; we have a winner.

Oh, and the pudding? Abso-fucking-lutely delicious. Chunks of banana. Chunks of 'nilla wafers. Chunks of sugar, sweet, sunshine. More like a custard than a pudding. It completely ruined dinner, but it was worth every moment. I almost called Brownie to tell her, but that's a line I won't cross until we've been dating at least a month. And the chocolate chip cookie was good too. It tasted very homemade, in that it did taste like something I could make myself. Would I seek it out? No, not necessarily, but if I was in the area and really wanted a cookie, I would buy one. That's assuming I didn't want a cupcake (I resisted buying one of those too, don't want him to see my true gluttonous ways, yet.)

For dinner, I took him to Back Forty. I had heard it was delicious and not too expensive. Apparently most of the ingredients used there are local, sustainable, and from the Greenmarket. Their beef comes from grass-fed cows, and that is seriously where it is at. If you haven't had grass-fed, I suggest you turn off the computer and go seek it out. It'll rock your world. It has a flavor that you don't find in grain-fed, and an added bonus is that the cows are typically treated better prior to hitting your plate. Though I asked for medium and they brought me medium rare, I still dug in, juices flowing and all. The bun to burger ratio was good, and it did a good job of soaking up the extra juice. The cheddar was good, not too salty, and perfectly melted. The fries were crispy and the seasonings added a different taste than one usually finds. I will definitely be eating this burger and fries again soon. The service was good, not too overbearing, and they let us sit outside even though they had tried to close it due to some thunder.

It was a good date.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine
126 Rivington Street, between Essex St. & Norfolk St.
(212) 998-1960

Back Forty
190 Avenue B at 12th Street
(212) 388-1990

Oh and the new date rule is: If you make out with me, you can know I'm part of a food blog. If you meet my mom, you can know which one.


Anonymous said...

You picked him up? You took him to Back Forty? Blondie... What is going on here? Is chivalry dead or is your date physically disabled?

Siobhan said...

No, he picked me up for the first date, and since I'm a feminist, I pay for the second date.

Brownie said...

LOL Lawrence.

Blondie: We are becoming the same person. I paid for the second date with Lawman. Actually it was the third date but the second official planned one.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, bakery bitch. that is too good. they have chocolate pudding too. and strawberry + limon. mmm... chocolate is better though, so i think if you mix banana with chocolate, that would be a winning combo.

Anonymous said...

Awwww that is sooooooo cute! SSS banana pudding is awesome!!! I see no problem with females paying for a meal, now getting them to do dishes and laundry....that's a different story :)

Anonymous said...

I meant getting the guys to do dishes and laundry...its like pulling teeth...