Monday, June 30, 2008

Revisiting Batch Bakery

I tried the cupcakes at Pichet Ong's bakery Batch when they first opened in March and I was an immediate fan. I've been thinking about those cupcakes ever since and have been tempted to go back on several occasions but I haven't had the chance. Until now...

Blondie and I have been discussing doing a cupcake mission with the lovely ladies from Cupcakes Take the Cake for awhile now and last Monday, we met up with Rachel and Nichelle at Batch to sample some more of their cupcake offerings.

They've expanded their cupcake menu considerably since my first visit when they only had: Lemon Lemon Lemon, Chocolate Dragon Devils' Food, Vanilla, and Coconut Green Tea Cupcakes. And I noticed that their frosting ratio has shifted a bit so their cupcakes are now more heavily frosted. Interesting. And when you make frosting that's as delicious as at Batch, the more the merrier!

Vanilla Cupcakes from back in March

Vanilla Cupcakes today

We chose an assortment of 6 cupcakes and dug right in. Here's what we tried:

Carrot Cupcake with Salted Caramel Frosting and
Banana Cupcake with Stracciatella Frosting

First up, the Carrot Cupcake with Salted Caramel Frosting. This was a moist and tasty Carrot Cake with a Cream Cheese Filling, and an out of this world Caramel Frosting topped with a wee pinch of Sea Salt. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I love carrot cake and to have it in cupcake form (and topped with Salted Caramel frosting!) was heaven.

Next, the Baby Banana Cupcake, another winner, this cupcake was made with the sweet baby bananas which gave it a really nice and strong banana flavor. It was filled with Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream Filling and topped with Stracciatella Frosting. So good. Again, banana is not a common cupcake flavor and I always love it when I can get it. Now I know where I'll be getting it from.

The Strawberry Coconut was a pleasant surprise as I'm not super wild about coconut in general. The frosting had a nice strawberry flavor and the coconut cake was good and moist. The Rhubarb Compote Filling filling was just sweet enough and complimented the cake and frosting very nicely. Definitely a tasty summery cupcake.

The Coconut Strawberry had candied lavender on top

Inside the Strawberry Coconut Cupcake

The Dragon's Devils' Food Cupcake got rave reviews all around and I have to say that I think it's improved over my first visit. This time the cake was denser and more chocolatey. It was nice to have the generous shmear of the super chocolatey frosting.

The Chocolate Cupcake with the Matcha Green tea frosting got mixed reviews from our group. Rachel wasn't a fan of the matcha. Blondie and I both felt that the flavor of the tea was a bit strong. While it's not the type of cupcake that I would probably order regularly, for me the apricot preserves in the center of the cupcake brought everything together. It was a nice burst of sweetness that balanced out the green tea and the chocolate.

Cutting into the Dragon's Devils Food Cupcake and the Matcha Green Cupcake

Inside the Dragon Devil's Food and Matcha Cupcake

In terms of the Lemon Lemon Lemon cupcake, I've haven't been shy about how much I like it. Still a winner to me, thought I have to say in terms of picking a favorite from this particular trip, it's a toss up between the Carrot Cupake and the Baby Banana Cupcake. So delicious!

In the end we were stuffed, happy, and ready to go when we noticed The Velvet cupcake in the case. Rachel had just recently visited Batch and told us of the wonders of The Velvet--a red velvet cupcake that gets its color from beet power and strawberries. I oooohed and ahhhhed over that cupcake and Blondie offered to treat me, but before she could, Betty, the pastry chef at both Batch and P*ONG, gave us one to try. Even though we were pretty full we had to try it! And I'm glad we did. It was filled with Chocolate Fudge and topped with sweet and delicious cream cheese frosting. It was terrific. I've never had a filled Red Velvet Cupcake before, it was the perfect way to end our cupake tasting.

The Velvet!

Inside The Velvet

Just writing about Batch is making me want to go back, and soon. All cupcakes are $2.95 and because of the summer heat they are kept chilled in the case, so you might want to let them warm up to room temp before enjoying them.

Check out all of my Batch photos here.

150b West 10th Street (between Waverly Place and Greenwich Avenue)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 929-0250
Open daily Noon-9PM


Anonymous said...

Hey B and B,
I just wanted to let you know that I just love your blog so much! I was thinking of checking out Batch this week, and after your post, it is decided that I have to go for some cupcake action!! I think I'll go for the carrot cake one...and probably a few more...

AJM said...

Mmm...I was drawn in by a photo in the Eater pool and boy did this post not disappoint. Delicious and thanks for all the cupcake porn.

Brownie said...

emmereater: Aw, thanks! glad that you like the blog. Let us know what you think of Batch! I'd love to hear which cupcakes you try!

ajm: Haha! Thanks! I heart cupcakes. :)