Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Speaking of Coffee...Coffee and Donuts Custard at Shake Shack!

Shake Shack is upping the ante with their special custard flavors. On tap for Wednesdays in June, Coffee and Donuts Custard...

Coffee and Donuts, the favorite combo of office workers everywhere. Having a difficult meeting? Bring coffee and donuts! And now Danny Meyer's Shake Shack crew is bringing coffee and donuts together in custard form. Brilliant!

After a late night at the office Lawman and I moseyed over to the Shack. No line at 10:30pm! We got a regular sized custard to share and though Lawman could have probably eaten more it was a decent amount for two people to eat late in the evening. The coffee base was really good. Whoever is whipping up the custards now has the touch. In past seasons at the Shack I tended to feel that their special custards were too sweet. This was a nice creamy and rich coffee. And it was studded with tasty little donut bites--Lawman said he wouldn't have minded some more donuts. I tried to find out where the donuts were from but the manager wasn't on duty and the woman I spoke to had seen a receipt for the donuts but couldn't remember where it was from. Anyone care to venture a guess? I'm thinking maybe somewhere in the area. Donut Pub? Anyone know for sure?


Donut Bite!

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Shake Shack
Southeast corner of Madison Square Park, near Madison Ave. and E.23rd St.

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Today's a Wednesday in June. :-)