Friday, June 6, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck One Treat at a Time: Sugar Dots!

A new treats truck is coming! A new treats truck is coming! As reported by Midtown Lunch and TimeOut New York, there will soon be two Treats Trucks roaming the streets of NY and after my 20 minute wait in line for a treat yesterday, it can't come fast enough! In honor of "Dot", baby sister to Sugar and the newest addition to Treats Truck Lady, Kim Ima's mobile treat vending family, this week we are taking on the Sugar Dot...

Ah, the Sugar Dot, a petite sugar cookie topped with a nice shmear of icing and finished with what we New Englanders call shots, little sprinkle dots. The cookie was buttery, rich, and crisp with a slightly chewy center. If you prefer your sugar cookies to of the sliced off a roll variety, the cookie by itself might be too subtly sweet for you, but for me it struck just the right balance with the more sugary butter frosting. These wee cookies will set you back only 50 cents and paying for anything in New York, even a small cookie makes me feel kind of nostalgic. That said, it's hard to just stop at one Sugar Dot. If you wanted to treat your friends at the office you could pick up a dozen of these without breaking the bank, but for pure bang for buck to deliciousness ratio, it's hard to beat the Treats Truck Chocolate Chipper.

As for Dot, the truck, we can't wait to meet you!

Sugar Dot Cookie: $.50 for the small size
Treats Truck
Various locations around the city
Click for schedule

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