Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck One Treat at a Time: And What A Beautiful Baby She Is!!!

If you don't already know, Kim Ima gave birth to a bundle of bakery joy today. Dot made her first public appearance at the corner of 38th St and 5th Ave, and the one and only Blondie was there to witness the momentous occasion!

Dot is the little sister to Sugar, and Kim promises that Dot will have her own special treats starting with the Swirlie Dot. To celebrate Dot's coming out, Kim offered two today, the Mint Chocolate and Lemon Raspberry. I literally jumped at the chance to get both, as the guys behind me in line can attest to. I patiently awaited the after-work arrival of Brownie from the land of Dirty Jerz (office trip) so I could eat my Dots.

Both Dot cookie bases have very subtle sweetness, I thought they were akin to shortbread with their drier taste and crumbly nature, while Brownie felt they were more like Italian cookies. This worked with the toppings in both cases. The Lemon Raspberry consisted of lemon icing covered by raspberry jam. I immediately tasted both, and generally liked it, especially if I was in the mood for a fruity treat. Brownie couldn't taste the lemon until she licked it off. It was sweet, almost to cloying, but not quite.

The Mint Chocolate was the clear winner. The mint icing and chocolate swirl tasted exactly like a Girl Scouts® Thin Mint®. They didn't have the same texture, of course, but if you're jonesing for one (and can't make it to the Cookie Cupboard on 23rd Street), this is an excellent alternative. Certifiably delicious.

Swirlie Dots: $2

Treats Truck
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Brownie said...

Awwww. She's so cute. Kind of like a beat up postal truck. Welcome to the fam, Dot!

Thinking about it, I got the side of the cookie with the squished frosting which might have accounted for the lack of initial lemon taste--the raspberry was layered on top of all of my lemon frosting. I guess the raspberry swirlie dot just requires extra careful handling if you want to savor the subtleties in the flavoring. But I can't really complain when Blondie buys and brings me a cookie. :)

talida said...

Happen to know if Dot plans on making an appearance on 45/6?

Also, do you gals prefer blondies or brownies? (I had to ask)

Blondie and Brownie said...

It appears that we prefer nut free brownies, but we have yet to do a blondie vs. brownie head-to-head.