Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck One Treat at a Time: The Raspberry Oatmeal Jammy

In our quest to try each treat from the Treats Truck, I've racked up quite a few punches on my frequent buyer card. It was time to turn the cards in and claim my free treat...

Awhile back I asked our readers for suggestions of what to get as my free treat. We got several good suggestions, but mzharris04 Oatmeal Jammy suggestion stuck with me. So frequent buyer cards in hand--yes, there were multiple cards one had 5 punches, one had get the picture--I requested my Raspberry Oatmeal Jammy. It looked so good it was hard to wait until after work to share it with Blondie.

The cookie had a very pleasant chewy texture. The cookie was oaty with a rich brown sugar/carmelly overtones. I was pleased to discover that raspberry jam was not overly sweet and even more pleased to find that the jam covered enough surface area that you could get jam in pretty much every bite. It tasted just like something your grandma might make if she were the cookie baking kind of granny. Oatmeal jammy, I'll definitely be back for more of your kind...

Breaking treat news! On Tuesday Blondie stopped by the Treats Truck and got her self a Junior Chocolate Chipper and a Junior Oatmeal Jammy. They were roughly half the size of the regular Jammy and regular Chipper, but were $0.75 each. When I asked Blondie to upload photos of said Junior Chipper and Junior Jammy this is how our conversation went:

Brownie: So you'll upload the pics of the junior cookies?
Blondie: I didn't take any photos.
Brownie: What?! No photos?!
Blondie: Nope.
Brownie: How are we going to show our readers how small and cute the junior cookies are?
Blondie: I wanted to enjoy the cookies in their pure state.
Brownie: Oy.

So, since Blondie wanted to enjoy her cookies in their "pure state" here's a zoomed out photo of a regular jammy just pretend that it's smaller.

Since I did not have a chance to sample or see (ahem) these junior cookies, I can only comment based on the facts I do have. Blondie did say that she found these little cookies satisfying and I do enjoy buying pretty much anything when it's less than a buck. That said, if they are half the size and 75 cents each, well...a regular jammy is $1.25 and a regular chocolate chipper is $1.00, so going regular is better bang for your buck. Now if you are looking to cut back on sweets the junior version might be a nice compromise or if you are looking to load up on treats say for a colleagues birthday without dropping a lot of dough, again the juniors would be a good pick.

Raspberry Oatmeal Jammy: $1.25

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Siobhan said...

oh jeez. when you go in front of the firing squad on midtown lunch, i will call the lovely kim and request some jrs, buy them, and bring them to you. and that will be next week, right?

Anonymous said...

hahaha, the "firing squad."

yea the comments section sometimes gets quite lively over there..

Thistlemoon said...

Those are total classics. Nice photo too!

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