Saturday, June 21, 2008

Travels with Brownie: 99 cent Fresh Pizza Port Authority Edition

As Lawman and Blondie can attest when I get overly hungry, I get, well...mean. Really mean. Not pleasant at all. And when I'm on my way to visit Lawman's parents in Pennsylvania after rushing to make the bus at the Port Authority, dodging the tourist and slow walkers, I'm generally not in the best of moods. Combine that with the usual intense post work hunger and you have a recipe for an extremely unpleasant bus ride. So this weekend I decided stave off the hunger and marital distress with a quick trip to 99 cent Fresh Pizza...

I first learned the wonders of 99 cent pizza on Midtown Lunch. This called for a 99 cent pizza taste off and recently I checked out a $1 pizza place in the East Village. But I've never tried the 99 cent pizza near the Port Authority.

Unfortunately I didn't really look closely at the map when I headed out, so I new that the pizza place was on 9th ave and somewhere behind the Port Authority. I walked too far and stopped in at a newsstand where the owner was nice enough to point me in the right direction. Sure enough, the place was on the corner of 41st and 9th, still not sure how I missed it the first time, but whatevs.

There was a line of several people by the time I got there, but it moved quickly. The pies were constantly going in and coming out of the oven, so my order was in fact very fresh. I noticed on their sign that it said the pizza boxes are only for 3 slices or more and if you didn't pay for 3 slices, you'd need to pay $.25 to get the box. Since I was completely encumbered, I decided to go for the box and if I needed a box, I was going to order the 2 slices.

Thank goodness I did order the 3. When I met Lawman at the gate her was starving as well and we tore right into the 'za. It was nice a cheesy and a good value for $.99. We were both so hungry I was definitely glad I went for the 3 slices. Hit the spot. Smooth riding from there. 99 cent fresh pizza, I'll definitely be back!

99 Cent Fresh Pizza
569 9th Ave
New York, NY 10011

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