Monday, June 30, 2008

Wafels & Dinges, coming to a coffee house near you?

Blondie and I were wandering the lower level of the Javits this afternoon in a food induced stupor when from an aisle away we noticed a familiar sign. Wafels & Dinges. Wafels & Dinges?! What was our favorite mobile purveyor of authentic Belgian waffles doing at the Fancy Food Show? Sure enough we found Chief Wafel Master, Thomas DeGeest in the booth and had a chance to sit down with him and find out what's new with Wafels & Dinges...

Chief Wafel Master, Thomas DeGeest with Wafel Iron Maker, Benny from Belgium

The biggest news is that Wafels & Dinges is expanding. While Mr. DeGeest said they aren't going to be adding more trucks, they are franchising the Wafels & Dinges waffle setup--irons crafted in Belgium, toppings, and of course, the authentic Belgian wafels. These setups are already operational in a few places in the tri-state area including The Bean Coffee and Tea (1st Avenue and 3rd Street and 6th Avenue and 11th Street) and Rockn Joe's (in Cranford, NJ and Westfield, NJ)and they are looking to partner with other coffeehouses.

Of course with expansion comes some trepidation and Mr. DeGeest admitted that as they grow there is, of course, the concern in terms of "maintaining the same quality," but it sounds like everything is going smoothly so far and if Wafels & Dinges is providing the whole setup and the real Belgian wafels, and creating the menus, it sounds like they are off to a good start. Looking at the menu from Rockn' Joe's the waffles are pricier than direct from the truck, but I'm assuming that you are having more of a sit down waffle experience than an eat on the run experience. New dinges of note at the partner retail locations include coconut flakes and walnuts. And the retail locations will also be serving exclusive waffle combinations

The Menu from Rockn Joe's

We already reported on the new-for-summer ice cream dinge and we were pleased to learn that the ice cream flavors vary and change daily. Mmm. It's hard to think of a flavor of ice cream that wouldn't pair nicely with a hot liege or brussels waffle. So if you aren't a vanilla ice cream fan, fear not and be sure to ask what the flavor of the day is.

Waffle with vanilla ice cream dinge

And for you lovers of the Savory Wafel with Flemish Four Cheese Sauce, it will be making a return when the weather gets cooler along with another savory wafel that I'm not at liberty to disclose--but take it from me, it sounds beyond delicious. Can't wait to try it come autumn.

I miss you Savory Waffle!

In other waffle related news, Wafels & Dinges has launched a line of packaged liege wafels and I was able to snag one at the show. I followed the instructions on the package and popped Liege Cinnamon Royal in my toaster oven for 5 minutes at 300 degrees and mmmm, suddenly my kitchen smelled like a wafflery. Yum. The packaged waffles are currently available at certain Garden of Eden stores in Manhattan and will be available at Fairway soon. You can also buy liege waffles and brussels waffles online on their site, but there is something about the convenience of being able to buy them in the store is appealing. Love those impulse purchases. And if you bring waffles home the dinge possibilities are endless. Mmmm. Endless dinges.

Packaged Waffle!

Looking forward to much more to come from Wafels & Dinges!

Wafels & Dinges
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Sunshine said...

I am such a super fan of your site! How can one get into this fancy food show. I'd love to go next year! (If i have to start writing a food blog, it would be so worth it...)

Brownie said...

Hi, sunshine! I'm having a hard time finding the page on the NASFT site with the specific requirements, but if you google around I'm sure you'll find it! If you have a food blog you can register as press and they check your credentials at the press office before giving you a press badge. If they decide for whatever reason that you don't qualify as "press" you can still buy a badge on-site. Hope this helps!