Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wafels & Dinges: Now serving ice cream dinges!

I heart waffles. Especially when smothered in Liege dinges. And as the official start of summer approaches, what could be better than the news of a brand new dinge? An ice cream dinge...

Waffles and ice cream. Ah, what a perfect combination. After the introduction of the savory wafel, Blondie and I wondered would the ice cream wafel be far behind? Last week when we were wandering the village we were delighted to see the truck in its usual spot outside of the Trader and even more delighted to see that Chief Wafel Master, Mr. T DeGeest was dishing up ice cream.

After confirmation that the liege wafel was in fact from Belgium, we ordered one with ice cream and Belgian chocolate sauce. They only had vanilla ice cream. No word if their are plans for more flavors. It was the end of an extremely hot day and the ice cream was a bit melty even direct from the freezer. It was a generous serving (as it should be for $6.00!) and the dense and chewy liege stood up well to the melty ice cream. A nice treat for a summer day. We'll be back for more!

Wafels & Dinges
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CityMinx said...

Have you tried the waffles at DaBhang yet? They have a full toppings bar, and the most amazing chocolate waffles I've ever tasted. It's on 8th Street, between 6th and MacDougal.
And the frozen yogurt there is pretty damn good too...

Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga said...

Hummm,belgian's waffels with ice cream, i am found of its.
Greeting from Belgium, best regard to you
Louisette with two golden