Friday, July 18, 2008

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life at Last I've Found you...Braised Bershire Pork and Smoked Coleslaw Sandwich

Thank goodness for Midtown Lunch, otherwise I would have missed out on this delicious Braised Bershire Pork and Smoked Coleslaw Sandwich being offered by 'wichcraft yesterday at the House Beautiful Taste of Summer event at Rock Center...

I don't know what they do with those Berkshire piggies, but they are darn delicious. And this mini sandwich was no exception. The coleslaw added a nice hint of smokiness. So good and definitely a bargain at $3. No word if this will make an appearance on the regular menu, but a gal can hope. I'm thinking of filling out comment cards. Lots of pro-braised Berkshire Pork sandwich comment cards. Who's with me?

More Rock Center photos here.

Rockefeller Center
1 rockefeller plaza @ 50th street
New York, NY 10020

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