Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Artichoke Pie from Papa Perrone's Pizza Truck

When Zach Brooks broke the news on Midtown Lunch that there was a new pizza truck in town, Blondie and I made a lunch date for Monday to try their artichoke pie special. When I arrived to get our slices--the very last two slices, mind you, I was surprised to see what the pie turned out to be...

It was more like a pizza rustica or as my southern Italian peeps would call it, a pizza ghen (pronounced "gain"), not a pizza pie. A childhood spent in New Haven pizza places has lead me to equate pizza with pie, especially when it's coming from a pizza truck. Also, in terms of pizza rustica--ok, can't do it, I'm calling it a pizza ghen from here on out--that's a dish I've really only had during the Easter season when this pie made with a buttery crust, eggs, tons of cheese, and meat usually salami and ham is served up in big honking slices. It's a veritable cardiologists delight, and one slice could hold me over several Easters. So with all that in mind, color me completely surprised to order artichoke pie and receive a couple of slices of a pizza ghen like substance.

Digging into the "artichoke pie" it was a bit salty from the cheese, but not as heavy as pizza ghen's I have known which tended to be much larger and taller slices with more strata. In addition to the artichoke it was studded with salami pieces. The artichoke was a nice touch and I wouldn't have minded some more of it. And overall it was a very pleasant experience, though not one I would have everyday because of the heaviness factor.

Not a "pie" fan? You might still want to check out Papa Perrone's as they are also apparently selling pizza slices and excellent rice balls.

Papa Perrone's
Parked on 55th Street between Madison and Park

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