Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brooklyn Flipsters Update

Walked by Brooklyn Flipsters again this evening and had the chance to pick up a menu. I chatted briefly with the guy behind the counter who said this week is their soft opening. The grand opening is still to come this weekend. Though the menu might change before they are officially open, here's a sneak peek of the "soft opening" menu...

I didn't have a chance to ask if the place has a new owner from Brooklyn Burger Bar--anyone have the scoop on that front?--but looking at the menu, I'm thinking that unless they lower their prices or I hear raves about the place from friends, I'm probably not going to become a regular.

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Flipsters Menu front

Flipsters Menu back

I'll lay it out there; much to Lawman and Blondie's dismay I don't eat beef. Love the cows. Love their dairy products. But beef is not for me. That said, I do enjoy a good burger, be it lamb, turkey, chicken, or some kind of veggie concoction. Maybe it's because I'm not a traditional hamburger fanatic or maybe it's because I'm a thrifty New Englander at heart, but when I see a burger served on a "plain toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a pickle" costs $8 and there is no mention of fries coming with it, that's a turn off to me. $8 for a 7 oz veggie burger? $8 for a 7 oz "all natural white meat turkey" burger? As a non-beef eater am I missing something here? Would you pay $8 for a 7 oz "100% Black Angus Beef" burger? Beef aficionados or anyone who has tried the burgers here, is it worth that much?

Perusing their menu I noticed that they do seem to be offering an "Off Peak" special from 11:00am-1:00pm and 11:00pm-1:00am with 2 for 1 classic burgers--two burgers for $8, I could get behind that.

In other news, the burger options in Park Slope continue to expand and with Five Guys Burgers due to open soon just a few blocks away, it seems we're in for a Slope burger war!

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Anonymous said...

there is also that burger place that opened up next to the chip shop on 5th ave. the plain burger there runs you $7 bucks too. the price is a real turnoff and that corner always rotates restaurants as well.

rent in the slope is getting too high for restaurants to sustain! or these restaurants just suck. *shrugs*