Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grape-Nuts and Waffles, not just for breakfast...

Speaking of ice cream...I had a fabulous ice cream experience myself they other night at Uncle Louie G's in Windsor Terrace with the awesome Erin Zimmer of Serious Eats. Grape-Nuts and Waffles? Eh, sounds like breakfast at grandma's house. Grape-Nuts ice cream and waffles? Mmmmm. Sounds like dessert (or breakfast) at my house...

If you're not from New England you might not be familiar with the wonders of Grape-Nut ice cream, which consists of a vanilla or occasionally a French vanilla base with nutty, malty Grape-Nuts mixed in. The Grape-Nuts retain a wee bit of their texture and make for lovely crunchyish bites. So delicious. What could make this ice cream even better? How about a warm Belgium waffle? Consider me sold!

A couple of years back we noticed the waffle ice cream sandwich for sale at the Park Slope Louie G's on 7th ave and 9th Street. Lawman and I tried it a couple times and were big fans. Then one day they stopped carrying it. We were cut off. Cold turkey. Well, Park Slope's loss looks like Windsor Terrace's gain, because the other night Lawman and I decided to swing by the Uncle Louie G's on Vanderbilt and Prospect Park Southwest. And we were delighted to see that they were carrying waffle ice cream sandwiches. And for only $3.00, that's the same price as a a kiddie cone, add .50 and you can have your choice of toppings plus whipped cream. Huzzah!

Lawman and I went for a waffle ice cream sandwich with strawberry ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream and it was simply really good. I raved about the wafflewich to Erin and we've been plotting a return trip ever since. Finally we got our chance on Tuesday night. As a side warning, you have to wait about 10 to 15 minutes for their waffle iron to heat up. And alas the waffles are prepackaged not made to order. I only gave the packaging a quick glance but it looks like they are are store packaged Beligium waffles so that's a step in the right direction. Even though they weren't fresh, they were light and crispy which is always a good thing.

On this recent visit I went for the Grape-Nut ice cream and Erin picked pumpkin pie ice cream. I asked for hot fudge on mine and the counter person accidentally mixed up the orders and gave it to Erin. We're flexible so she decided to roll with it and got sprinkles on top. Yummy. The hot fudge was a nice complement to the pumpkin pie ice cream and I'll never say no to rainbow sprinkles!

All and all it was a delightful experience and I would definitely recommend it highly.

Uncle Louie G's
157 Prospect Park SW
Brooklyn, NY, 11218
(718) 438-9282


Siobhan said...

HAHA!!! I was going to get rainbow sprinkles too at Maggie Moo's, but the counter person would have railed me for acting like a 10 year old. Next time, next time. I love rainbow sprinkles.

Paulie Gee said...

Grape Nut cereal in ice cream is also a big favorite amongst the Carribean population. There is an ice cream company that distributes the product to the stores and restaurants in the Carribean neighborhoods throughout the tri-state are named Taste the Tropics. Their most popular flavor is "Great Nut".

BTW, Brooklyn Flea is another great way to spend a summer-like Saturday in Brooklyn as you might be able to tell from the shots I took yesterday:


Paulie Gee

Unknown said...

yessss in the carribean they eat grapenut ice cream im jamaican & everyone is always talking about it my first try was about 2 years ago & im nuts about it LOL & i cant find it anywhere in south jersey but i know this one little shop in north jersey that sells it. the waffle one looks delish !!