Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Have We Mentioned Our Love of Peanut Butter and Chocolate?

While at the NYC Fancy Food Show, we had the chance to stop by Jer's Chocolates' booth, try some new products, and meet Jerry Swain, aka Jer, himself. And since they are a company based around peanut butter and chocolate treats, we were very glad we did...

Jer's Chocolates began when Jer's own homemade holiday treat, a ball of peanut butter surrounded by chocolate, became a hit that spread far beyond his group of close friends and family. We tasted, and it is out of this world. The peanut butter is all natural and organic and the chocolate is of very good quality and not too sweet. In short this actually tastes like real peanut butter unlike many other confectionery peanut butter pretenders

We also got to check out their latest line addition, the Jer bars. If you prefer bars to balls, these might be for you. The nice thing about the bars is that you can purchase them individually whereas the balls are available in gift boxes of various sizes. While a box of Jer's balls would be a welcome gift, it's nice to have the option to treat yourself to a bar without feeling a little silly buying a gift box for personal consumption.

A few weeks after the Fancy Food Show. Blondie received a sample of the peanut butter chocolate bar in the mail. Unfortunately, it ended up getting smooshed in transit, and when Blondie received the package, she and her 6-year-old nephew were starving, so the sample was quickly demolished. Both of them enjoyed the crunch in the peanut butter, similar to the honey peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co., as well as the use of good chocolate. Blondie's nephew even said it was better than that other famous peanut butter and chocolate combination, and he wanted another. Kid approved!!

And prepare your palettes for Jer's Peanut Brittle bites coming in Spring 2009...

Our hands down favorite was the Yippee Cayenne--sweet and tasty peanut brittle with a little cayenne kick and enrobed in milk chocolate. This was one of the tastiest things we tried at the show and we're definitely looking forward to when they become available for sale!

Yippee Cayenne!

Jer's Chocolates, available online and at fine retailers nationwide.

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