Sunday, July 20, 2008

I heart bánh mì, I heart Ba Xuyên

I do not like riding the bus. In fact, I hate it. The Port Authority is hot and miserable and confusing and by the time I get there I'm usually starving and very grumpy. Once upon a time, Lawman and I had to take the bus to DC. Knowing that I would likely be hot, and hungry, and grumpy, Lawman took preemptive measures to ensure a pleasant trip by buying me a bánh mì in Chinatown. Mmm...bánh mì. Quite possibly one of the most delicious sandwiches I have ever known. The crunchy pickled vegetables, the salty, savory pate, the spicy, tingly hot sauce. Sigh. Now you can get good bánh mì sandwiches in Chinatown and more upscale versions can be found further uptown at Momofuku Ssam and Bôi to Go, but for me the best bánh mì can be found in Brooklyn...

Ah, Ba Xuyên, how I love you so. We first came across this terrific bakery and sandwich shop when we were looking at apartments in the neighborhood. Though we didn't end up moving to Sunset Park, Ba Xuyên alone is reason enough to make many a return visit.

Bánh Mì Menu

My hands down favorite at Ba Xuyên is #8, The Grilled Pork Sandwich. I know grilled pork sounds good, but really, is it better than the BBQ Pork? Yes! Yes, it is. Why you ask? Because the grilled pork has the lovely little charred bits. Just trust me on this one.

#8: The Grilled Pork Bánh Mì

The sandwiches are assembled on a crusty baguette with a healthy shmear of mayo and pate then piled with grilled pork, spicy hot sauce, crushed peanuts, cucumber spears, shredded pickled carrots and veggies, and topped with cilantro. The prices recently went up to $3.75, but for the size of the sandwich and all of the deliciousness that they pack in, it's still a great deal. Wash it down with their Vietnamese iced coffee made with just the right amount of sweetened condensed milk.

Located on 8th Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn's Chinatown, Ba Xuyên is a wee bit remote unless you live in the area and since they are only open until 6:30pm they are more of a weekend excursion for us. They do however open at 7:30 in the morning and if I lived in the nabe, I would totally have them pack my lunch in the mornings.

Ba Xuyên
4222 8th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(718) 633-6601
Daily 7:30am-6:30pm


Anonymous said...

Have you had the meatball? It's soooo gooood!

Brownie said...

Ooooh, good to know! Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

they have the best noodles and try a pate sandwich with just pate and bread