Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Scream, You Scream, Blondie ♥ Ice Cream

As was the case with Press 195, Maggie Moo's moved into my nabe some two years ago. The only experience I had with it involved a large cow mascot on the sidewalk, and I'm frightened by large animal mascots, so I never frequented this establishment, even when EVERYONE told me it was delicious. That and I would confuse it with Maggie May's, a bar where I had some really bad experiences. But the other day, Bez, Moniker, and I wanted ice cream and not Baskin; Maggie Moo's it was!!

First, we were thrown off by the bright colored ice cream, the brightest of which being the blue Cotton Candy and yellow Very Yellow Marshmallow™, both of which were a bit too sweet for any of our likings. There was also the pastel section of the case which contained Pink Peppermint Stick and Cool Mint. Since their Dark Chocolate flavor was given a Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence by the National Ice Cream Retailers Association (that must mean it's really good, right?), I chose a waffle cone with Pink Peppermint and Dark Chocolate.

Bez chose the Cool Mint with chocolate chips mixed in and the Cappuccino with toffee mixed in. Her scoops started melting a break-neck speeds too, as evidenced in the photo!

Moniker abstained thankfully since she helped with the near immediate drippage. Now, I've probably had somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 waffle cones in my life, and I have never had one with immediate drippage. 5 minutes later, on a hot day? Sure, drip away. Not even before I pay! Their machine must be calibrated wrong, and the temperature is too high because that is just not acceptable. The ice cream was creamy, delicious, and laden with fat, just how I like it, but it could have been a bit cooler. The waffle cone did taste a bit stale, even though I saw a waffle iron there, so I assume they're made daily.

This is not to say I'm ruling them out completely. Bez decided on a second treat, a frozen banana. She liked it, but I felt the moisture content of the banana made it a bit too icy. They also had a plethora of other treats including cakes and cupcakes (hear that Brownie, Ice Cream Cupcakes!! Cupcakes made from ICE CREAM!!! What train will you be on?).

For drinks, they had Jones soda, a soda I actually like (I wasn't raised drinking soda, I was raised drinking wine, go fig.) All in all, this is a nice addition to a neighborhood dessert starved, and I will be going back, but there are some improvements to be made in order for this to be the best ice cream it could be!

Maggie Moo's Ice Cream and Treatery
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Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

Sarah said... little sister worked there and she WAS the cow! Creepy, right? She hated it.