Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let's Go Mets

Blondie and I are headed out for Ladies Night at Shea to enjoy the Met v. Cardinals and perhaps our final helmet sundaes at Shea stadium...

RIP Shea. Though I'm a Sox fan through and through I enjoyed many a pleasant post-game sundae and/curly fries in your clubhouse. Though I will miss you, I'm looking forward to all of this Shake Shack lusciousness at Citi Field.

Oooeey Gooey Cheese Fries

Shack Burgers

Coffee and Donuts Custard

So glad Danny Meyer isn't a Yankees fan

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Siobhan said...

Not my final game at shea. I'm going again and hopefully again after that. But, um, where's my study of a certain 3rd baseman? Flickr upload, stat!!