Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mangosteens! Mangosteens!

They had mangosteens at the Fancy Food Show!

Mangosteens are one of Lawman's favorite fruits. They used to be only blackmarket and hard to find in the states. Well, Mangosteen lovers rejoice, over the past 6 months they have become legalized and hopefully with their exposure at the Fancy Food Show we'll start seeing more mangosteens in the supermarket.

I got to taste my first mangosteen and it was very pleasant. The texture is somewhat similar to a lychee, but a bit more stringy and delicate. Flavorwise it was fresh, sweet, and juicy. I enjoyed it immensely and I wouldn't mind more.

Hello, Mangosteen!

More Fancy Food finds to come. Check out our pics here.


talida said...

I absolutely love mangosteens and pretty much every other tropical fruit! I visit Thailand every 3-4 years and always fill up on the fruits. I even have a Thai joke about mangosteens, but it only makes sense in Thai.. I won't even try.

Anonymous said...

mmm.. i have no idea what that tastes like but it looks yum. where can we get that?

Brownie said...

It was yummy and unique. Hard to describe, but tasty.

Lawman has seen them before in Chinatown and now that they are legal, hopefully they'll be popping up in more places!