Monday, July 21, 2008

My Only Addition to the Fro-Yo Wars, or Who is Mangostrawberry?

A few weeks ago, the wonderful, incredible, godfather of Midtown Lunch, Zach Brooks, allowed, me, Blondie, to be the profiled Midtown Lunch'er. I was excited, nervous, and a little nauseous, but all was fine until I saw comments coming from a former high school classmate, and let's put it this way, if we were all judged based on our high school self, life would be a horrible experience. But apparently this former classmate was one of the few on good terms with me, but has yet to reveal who they are (I have my suspicions). What does this have to do with fro-yo? Well, let's find out.

As we all know, Brownie likes her fro-yo and I just like to eat, so as she's discovered the New York fro-yo scene, if you will, I have too, even if it wasn't on my "to do" list. We both agree that Forty Carrots is the summit of said scene, but from there, our lists diverge. My number two is Yolato, a chain that has its praisers and its critics. Seeing as one outlet is only a few blocks from my office, it's my go-to cool, after lunch snack on a hot day. I find the frozen yogurt creamy, not too icy, and a pretty big portion for the price, the one in these photos being the regular which is $4 after tax. The regular is tart as it should be, but they also always have a second flavor which changes on a regular basis, and since I love surprises, this makes going to Yolato a little more fun than say Red Mango (yes, I have a "Which flavor will it be?" conversation in my head as I walk there). A few weeks after my profile, I still had the "Who is Mangostrawberry?" thought rolling around in my noggin as I walked into Yolato. Low and behold, the revolving flavor was Strawberry Mango. A sign, a sign I tell you. So, of course, I had to get a twist of regular and strawberry mango, if only for Mangostrawberry, who ever they are. The flavor itself has a citrus quality to it, not too overwhelming on the mango or strawberry flavors, and little tiny strawberry seeds in it. I like that the color is very pale pink-y peach and not laden with food coloring as many foods these days are. It was delicious, and a refreshing treat during these dog days.

Locations throughout the city

PS If anyone knows the answer to this mystery, please email me. I am offering a reward; it's in the form of beer, but it's a reward.


Anonymous said...

He hurts you i'll kill 'im.

Siobhan said...

oh rudy, you make me feel so loved!!!