Sunday, July 6, 2008

A new tapas place coming to Windsor Terrace?

This weekend I was walking around Windsor Terrace when I noticed a new sign had popped up on Prospect Park West. Could it be that a new tapas place was coming to the nabe? Well, not quite...

I've been following the renovations of this storefront and I had heard from a number of sources that it was going to be a liquor store, so I was surprised to see the new restaurant sign and that there was a menu posted in the window.

That said the menu did look good and reasonably priced. And I've never been one to say no to good tapas. It was kind of odd that there wasn't anything posted about when they were scheduled to open and that their review listed the address as "432 Broadend Avenue," but maybe that was their original location somewhere deeper in Brooklyn and they were posting it to generate some interest. There was a guy working outside laying some brickwork and I had to ask what the deal was with the place. Here's how our conversation went:

Brownie: Wow. Looks nice! When is this place supposed to open?
Guy Laying Brickwork: It's going to be a liquor store.
Brownie: But the sign says tapas bar... (Thinks to self: And it looks like a tapas bar inside...)
Guy Laying Brickwork: It's for the movie.
Brownie: Oh.

That's right! The movie! I should have known! They've been filming the upcoming Nia Vardalos romantic comedy, I Hate Valentines Day on Prospect Park West and all around Brooklyn. Lawman saw Rachel Dratch chatting with the production crew the other day.

Peeking in the window, I have to say the production crew did a nice job. I think my favorite part of the review of this "modest and casual" restaurant was the description of how they prepare their food in their tiny kitchen: "Without the space for a full kitchen, Get on Tapas, like many affordably priced restaurants in the city, relies on a battery of induction burners, panini presses, and toaster ovens." Awesome. Sounds like my kitchen.


Mrs. Limestone said...

I saw this place too and Im totally bummed we're not getting a Tapas place but thanks for getting the real scoop.

Do you happen to know what happen to the stained glass sign that was up there before?

Anonymous said...

It's getting restored.

Anonymous said...

This is why I love the internet--I walked by this place this morning and was curious what the story was--knew if i checked out my local blogs there was someone as nosy and interested as me that would get the scoop--Thanks!

natty art said...

I'm glad to hear that glass sign is being restored. It was gorgeous and I figured it would just get taken down and thrown out or covered over.

I've been wondering what's been going on on the corner. Finally remembered to do some googling today! :)