Thursday, July 24, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck One Treat at a Time: Conecakes!

Brownie: "Hold the phone, Blondie. Hold. The. Phone.
Blondie: "What is wrong with you? I'm at H&M trying on clothes."
Brownie: "The Treats Truck has cupcakes in ice cream cones! Ice cream cones I tell you."
Blondie: "Whoa."

I haven't had a conecake since, um, my mom made them for me in third grade and I was like the coolest kid in the class for about a week. It was almost as awesome as the time I showed up back from vacay rocking the first slap bracelet anyone in my elementary school had ever seen. But I digress...back to the conecakes. I had to have them.

I waited in the line which actually wasn't too bad for the 45th street location and silently willed the people in front of me not to take the last conecakes. Then I ordered a vanilla and chocolate and gingerly walked three blocks over to meet Blondie.

The verdict. Mmm, good. The vanilla conecake while it rose more in the cone was still a bit dry, though the frosting was improved from the vanilla cupcake we tried a little while back.

The chocolate was the true winner. Just the right amount of chocolate, tasty frosting, moist cake. Can't ask for anything more. Well, I suppose the cones could have been a bit crunchier. Not sure if their softness was a function of being baked or the extreme humidity we've been having.

Right now the conecakes are part of the specials menu, so they might not be available every day. At $3.50 a pop they are definitely on the pricier end of the Treats Truck treat scale. So while I probably wouldn't go for one all the time, considering I haven't had a conecake since third grade it was worth it to me. Certifiably delicious.

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talida said...

Ah, how cute! Did you submit a treat name for the contest? I wonder what other new treats will come out of the truck..

Brownie said...

I'm so curious about the new treat! I did submit a name yesterday. We'll see! :) How about you?

Anonymous said...

What "new" treat? These have been around since my grandmother's day. We made them in Girl Scouts 20 years ago. Ain't new, babe.

Anonymous said...

as a baker and lover of conecakes, yeah unfort the softness is a baking issue

Anonymous said...

My mom brought conecakes to my 3rd grade birthday at school back in 1973. I did the same for my daughter about 6 years ago. The baking definitely makes the cones softer, but still oh so yummy. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Blondie and Brownie said...

@Anonymous #1-This is a new treat for the Treats Truck. If you read the post, you can see that Brownie's mom used to make these for her.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Midwestern food. I think that the Conecake recipe was on a box of some cake mix years ago.

That would explain why I encountered these when I was a kid and forced to spend the summer in Wisconsin. Nothing like spending the summer among oodles of white people who like to eat things suggested by packages of food.