Friday, July 11, 2008

The Treats Truck: Now Serving Cupcakes!!!

It's no secret that Blondie and I are big cupcake fans. Big fans. Yesterday I returned from lunch to find no less than 4 missed calls, 2 emails, and 2 voice mails from Blondie about her cupcake sighting at the Treats Truck. First cake, now cupcakes?! Could it be?

Yes! Blondie promised to save the treats for an post work cupcake rendezvous and they held up pretty well in their bag. Only the chocolate got a wee bit squished in the bag slightly marring it's frosting. No matter, a squished cupcake is still a good cupcake in my book.

After liberating the cupcakes from their bag noticed that 1) the cupcakes appeared to be just resting in their wrappers instead of having been prepared in them--interesting, and 2) the vanilla cupcake was noticeably bigger than the chocolate cupcake. Hmmm. Maybe they were prepared in slightly different pans? Or maybe the vanilla one just overflowed?

When it came to taste bigger wasn't actually better. The vanilla cupcake was a bit dry and the frosting was a little sweet for our liking, though I did like how the frosting cover the sides of the vanilla cupcake. The chocolate cupcake was more moist, though it could have stood to be a little moister still, and the frosting was excellent--nice and chocolatey and not overly sweet. Still for $2.00 a cupcake, the marginally bigger vanilla would be better as their "regulation" size so you feel like you are getting a decent deal. As a lover of cupcakes who has long searched for a good one in midtown, cupcakes from the Treats Truck are a welcome addition to the specials menu and we hope to see them making more appearances soon!

Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes: $2.00

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