Thursday, August 28, 2008

Black & Whites at the Farmers Market?

Black & White Cookie

I know a eclectic mixture of food stuffs can be found at NYC's Greenmarkets, but black & whites? Really? OK, I'll go with it.

Black & White Cookie

I am quite, quite familiar with Meredith's Bakery (shocker!) and their assorted baked goodies, including the mini pies! So, I was surprised when I noticed they were selling black and whites. Always on the hunt for perfect harmony, I bought one to try. I firmly believe they are using Glasers recipe, but the cake had a tad too much lemon extract for my tastes. They also used a mixture of chocolate and butter for the chocolate part, which made it commence melting the moment a sunshine ray fell upon it. While I love chocolatey goodness, I don't like it all over my hands during work hours. Meanwhile the vanilla icing was rock hard and cloying. In a pinch, this cookie is good, but if I was jonesing, I'd make the trek to Glasers.

Apple Cider Donuts

One of my personal fall favorite treats is some apple cider donuts and hot cider; tricks me into thinking I like the cold, and approaching snows. With the recent chilly mornings, I started my days thinking about my Halloween costume, apples (lots and lots of apples especially crispins), apple cider, and apple cider donuts. So after to going to Katchie's Farms' booth, I begged Brownie to let me get apple cider donuts, and she relented. Cakey, subtly sweet goodness, a bit dry but that makes a hot cider the perfect accompaniment. I brought them back to work as a treat for the guys I work with and they disappeared in, oh, five minutes. Therein lies the reason for the 'in the bag' picture, by the time I realized I should have taken a 'out of bag' shot, the donuts were gone. Sorry.

For all of you left in Midtown tomorrow, try to take a little lunch and visit the market before it closes! For everyone else (and that includes Brownie and I), be sure to visit your local Greenmarket when at all possible.

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