Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blondie's Libations: Beer is a Suitable Lunch

And the bad
Today, I had no lunch mates. Nothing to do, no where to go. I considered the dessert truck, then I thought about the scale. So I wandered around Midtown, singing "All by Myself" in my head, when suddenly I turned the corner, and saw FREE BEER!!!!!

FREE BEER! FREE BEER! FREE BEER! was the thought racing through my mind. I saw random people walking into the gates, not flashing cards or invites or all-knowing email printouts, I asked the bouncer "can anyone go in?"
"Let me see your i.d., ma'am."
"Oh, I'm a miss. And here's my i.d. It's free, right?"
"Grr." Hands me back my i.d.

Brain: "Don't take pictures. Don't ask any more questions. Don't do anything that could make them take away the free beer."
Pinky, or in my case, Liver: "Yes, Brain."
This is why I need Brownie around. She would ask questions, and care about things like how long this is going on for, why are they doing this, than caring about procuring free beer.

Sharing the good
Side note about the actual product at hand: I'm not really a Heineken girl since it has a tendency to make me throw up, but this light beer is better than the old stand-by diet beer, Amstel Light. There was an actual beer taste though watered down, and I may be able to feel slightly tipsy after downing a few. If you're on a diet and want a beer, this may be the way to go.

Heine Premium Light
After imbibing, I promptly reported back to Zach (I am a well-trained commenter.) He knew nothing (or so he says, he may just be hording the free beer!) A small Google search yielded that this as been going on for at least a week (wtf, Midtown Lunch folk!), and another similar event will be occurring downtown tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

what?!?! i didn't hear about this!!! zach needs to get on this!

and great use of Pinky and the Brain. haha. nice!

Siobhan said...

Yeah, someone dropped the ball!

I realized that when my brain talks, it sounds like Brain, while the rest of my organs sound like Pinky.